Destiny 2 Game For PC | A Complete Game Review

In September of 2021 appeared one of the best online science fiction shooters that can be played today. We are talking about Activision’s Destiny 2, which, set in the future, puts us in the role of Guardian who have to protect the last safe city on Earth from the invasion of different alien races.

Two Modes (PvE and PvP) Of Destiny 2 Game:

Here we find two game modes. On the one hand the solo player who has to play against their environment. That is, the classic game mode where everything is controlled by the program and for which we will not need to connect with anyone.

On the other, the player versus player in which we will wage online games against other players and that incorporates the classic Deathmatch, a modality from which the battle royal derive as Fortnite.

Same as in the first part of Destiny, this game incorporates elements of role playing and massive multiplayer game, thus following the trend of the FPS that are released to the market for a long time and that left behind the classic shooting games, with a more arcade approach

  • Play in the campaign (PvE) or in cooperative or competitive mode (PvP).
  • Choose between three types of guardians: hunter, titan and Warlock.
  • Defend against Fallen, Vex, Cabal, Taken, and Scorn enemies.
  • Face dangerous and brutal enemies.

These characteristics we see them represented for example in the progression of the characters, that as they advance in the game they will be able to acquire new skills and abilities that are essential to overcome all the situations that are going to arise.

8 Best Legendary Weapons:

Here are the eight best legendary weapons in Destiny 2

1. Confidence (Energy Hand Cannon – Gambit Drop)

I’ve never loved a legendary hand cannon like I’ve loved Trust. This thing feels almost right, and although I do not know if I have the best possible divine throw (Rapid Hit / Dragonfly), I love it and I have perfected it to the maximum, just waiting for a mod of the head aspirant to make it perfect. This is by far my favorite legendary weapon that I have used in Forsaken, and I hope you can get the one you love as much as I love mine.

  1. Bygones (Kinetic Pulse Rifle – Gambit Drop)

Probably killed you a million times in Crucible and a good many times in Gambit when people were not using Sleeper. This is a laser, and with the right benefits (do I really need to list Kill Clip / Outlaw / Rampage?), It is easily one of the best weapons in the game.

3. The word of the smuggler (Sidney Kinetic – Random Fall)

This will probably be a personal preference choice, but I love my clumsy and diminutive kinetic weapon. Once again, I have Outlaw / Kill Clip on it, and it recharges blindly fast. I put a mod of minor specifications and almost two shots at all normal enemies in Gambit in the blink of an eye, and that’s my attempt for that and almost anything in PvE. It’s not even a bad mean for a major damage / boss if you can get close enough. I love him so much.

4. Duke MK. 44 (Hand kinetic cannon – Random fall)

While the Scouts are suffering, the Hand Cannons are in a really strong place at the moment, and few are stronger than Duke MK. 44, a monster of high absolute impact. Get a Rapid Hit / Outlaw / Kill Clip / Rampage combination here, and it’s a beast you do not want to sacrifice

5. The danger of plaster (Automatic kinetic rifle – Drop of gambit)

An automatic iron-sight rifle not only looks good, it also works well. There are so many good gambit weapons that I feel that Bungie almost did this on purpose for people to play the new way. Stability plus Kill Clip / Rampage here does wonders

6. Arsenic Bite (Arc of Energy – Random Fall)

There are only four legendary bows in the game, which is rare, and two of them have fixed runs, which is also rare. Fortunately, one of those fixed rolls is very good in the case of Arsenic Bite, which comes with the Tempo de Archer for a faster drawing time and Rampage for uh, on the rise. If you are using an arch in Crucible especially, this is probably the one indicated.

7. Parcel of Stardust

You’ll see a ton of Gambit weapons on this list, since many are strong, and that includes this lightweight shotgun that can be a dream come true with the correct throws. Mine is trash (pulse monitor / field preparation, really?), But throw Rampage and Opening Shot there and you have a cooking stew.

08. Bad reputation (Energy SMG – Random Fall)

This was one of my first “findings of God”, and this thing absolutely shreds. I have Kill Clip / Outlaw in mine (a combination that’s fantastic on almost any weapon), so it really helps, but SMGs are a much stronger option than they used to be in Forsaken, especially for Gambit where you’re usually cutting A through enemies close up to pick up specks.

Multiplayer game modes:

The following game modes are on the playlist of Destiny 2 Quick Game:

Clash: Defeat enemy guardians. The team receives one point for each defeated opponent. Win the first team that totals 150 points.

Control: Controls the zones. The team receives one point for each zone captured. More points are received when defeating opponents while controlling more zones. Win the first team that totals 100 points.

Supremacy: Capture rival badges. The defeated guardians will drop a badge. The team gets one point when collecting a rival badge, while recovering allied badges denies a point to the opposing team. Win the first team that adds 50 points.

Breakthrough: Fight to dominate a central area where the Circuit Breaker is located. When you get it try to take the area of the rival team with him, although while you should also protect the central area because the circuit breaker can be taken by the opposing team

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System Requirements:

Below are the minimum requirements to run Destiny 2 on PC:

  • Operating System are Windows 10, 8, 7.
  • Processor are Intel Pentium G4560, Intel Core i3-3250, AMD FX-4350
  • Video card: GTX 1050 2GB, GeForce GTX 660 2GB, Radeon HD 7850
  • 6GB Ram
  • 104GB Hard Disk Space