Fallout 4 Console Commands and Cheats For PC

Fallout 4 is a popular RPG (Role-playing game) game. It is famous amongest avid gamers and video game fanatics. There are quite a few reasons as for why the game is so much popular among post-apocalypse and fanatics.

The game is developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The game was released on 10 November 2015 and is currently available for Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox One.

Fallout 4 Storyline

The story is based on an open world environment in the post-apocalypse period. The storyline is set in the city of Boston surrounding the Massachusetts area which is popularly known as ‘The Commonwealth’. The game revolves around the central character widely known as ‘The Lone Survivor’ who is in search of his missing child. You must explore the environment, complete quests and acquire points to level up in the quest of finding his missing child.

You can choose a companion who follows you and helps you in completing quests. However, they can drop you anytime if they don’t like how you are progressing in the game. Companions can perform tasks for you like picking locks and acquiring loot.

Well the storyline sounds interesting, right? It sure is. The features of the game too, are quite remarkable. Here are few of the features of the game:

Fallout 4 Features

Over 400 hours of Gameplay

The open-world environment is so huge that it takes a while to completely finish all the objectives and quests. In total, it takes more than 400 hours to finish the whole game. The storyline keeps getting more interesting as you progress into the, thus playing the game becomes endlessly fun.

Fewer Bugs and Glitches

Fallout 4 has been made in a new game engine and thus there are only a few bugs and glitches here and there. Also, the developers release updates weekly to fix bugs and glitches which have been reported by the players.

New Weapons

In Fallout 4, new weapons have been introduced so as to give a new flavor to the game. New rifles, shotguns, and handguns have been introduced in the game. The game has become a lot more fun as new ranged weapons also do melee damage. You can install a knife on your sniper or shotgun and use it as a melee weapon.

Fallout 4 Cheats and Console Commands

To use the cheats and commands you need to enable the console in Fallout 4, which is a special debugging window where you can enter the commands. You can use the console while playing the game. The console cannot be accessed in the Playstation and Xbox version of the game. The console also does not work in Survival mode.

To open the console, press the tilde (~) key. A screen will pop up where you will be able to enter the cheats and commands.

There are various types of console commands which can be used in Fallout 4, some of them are as follows:

Target command

These are the commands which target a specific player. They can be used by selecting a target with the mouse or using the keyword prid<refID> before the command.

Except these, all the other commands are not targeted. They can be used without a target. They have global as well as a targeted effect.

Fallout 4 also has an option that allows you to enter and execute multiple commands at once. To enter and execute multiple commands at once, just separate them using a semicolon.

GodMode/ tgm

The god mode enables you to become invincible. Once you enable god mode, your player does not reflect any damage and radiation. It also enables you to breathe underwater.

You get unlimited ammunition. You can just keep spamming your bullets and you’ll never run out of ammo.

To enable godmode, you need to use the tgm command.

ImmortalMode / tim

This command gives your player unlimited health. Using this, your will never get to zero health. However, this does not make you invincible. You need to be careful because you still can die due to radiation. It does not provide unlimited ammunition, so you need to be careful about how you use your ammunition.

To enable the ImmortalMode, enter the tim command in the console.

There are more such commands which you can execute in Fallout 4. Pretty much they are going to help you to get to the next level in case you get stuck somewhere. Fallout 4 is pretty hard as the combat mechanics have been reworked.

If you are unable to get past some levels, you the following commands to quickly get past them.

  •  CompleteQuest
    Using this command, the current quest which you are trying to complete will automatically get completed. Just enter the command in the console window and hit enter. Easy as that.
  • CompleteAllObjectives <QuestID>
    Use this command to complete all the objectives of a quest. Just enter the quest id and all the objectives of the quest will be completed.

These 2 commands are more than enough to get past any level in the game. However, if you feel that these two aren’t enough, here’s a complete list of cheats and commands which you can use in Fallout 4.

Complete List Of Cheats and Commands – Fallout 4:

Use the following cheats to your heart’s content. Just make sure you don’t use a lot of commands as it may crash the game. Read the description properly before you use the commands.

Fallout 4 General Commands

tgm God Mode(infinite health, ammo, AP)
tai Toggle all NPC AI on / off.
tcai Toggle NPC combat AI on / off.
tcl Turn NoClip mode on / off.
tmm 1 Show all markers on map.
unlock Unlock selected door / terminal
tfc Kill selected target
KillAll Kill all NPCs in immediate area.
player.additem [item code] [#] Add an item to your inventory.
player.placeatme [object code] Spawn an item or NPC nearby.
player.setlevel [level] Advance to the indicated experience level

Fallout 4 Item Console Commands

Bottlecap 0000000F
Stimpak 23736
Rad Away 23742
Fusion Core 00075FE4
Nuka-Cola Quantum 0004835F
Duct Tape 0004D1F2
Fibre Optics 69087
Screw 69081
Aluminium 0006907A
Nuclear Material 69086
Toy Alien 00059B2B
Large Baby Bottle 001A899B
Military Grade Circuit Board 00154AD2
Springs 69082
Circuitry 0006907B
Ceramics 000AEC5E
Camera 00059A83

Fallout 4 Companions Item Console Commands

Cait 79305
Codsworth 0001ca7d
Curie 102249
Dogmeat 0001d162
John Hancock 22615
Robert MacCready 0002a8a7
Paladin Danse 0005de4d
Piper 00002f1f
Preston Garvey 0001a4d7
Strong 0003f2bb
Nick Valentine 00002f25
X6-88 000e210a

Fallout 4 Bobblehead Item Codes

Perception Bobblehead 00178B5D
Strength Bobblehead 00178b63
Endurance Bobblehead 00178b55
Charisma Bobblehead 00178b54
Intelligence Bobblehead 00178b58
Agility Bobblehead 00178b51
Luck Bobblehead 00178b5a
Barter Bobblehead 00178b52
Big Guns Bobblehead 00178b53
Energy Weapons Bobblehead 00178b56
Explosive Bobblehead 00178b57
Lock Picking Bobblehead 00178b59
Medicine Bobblehead 00178b5b
Melee Bobblehead 00178b5c
Repair Bobblehead 00178b5e
Science Bobblehead 00178b5F
Small Guns Bobblehead 00178b60
Sneak Bobblehead 00178b61
Speech Bobblehead 00178b62
Unarmed Bobblehead 00178b64

Books Item Code

You’re Special! 001a62d4

Companion Perks Code

Cait – Trigger Rush 001f4187
Codsworth – Robot Sympathy 001eb99b
Curie – Combat Medic 001e67bc
Deacon – Cloak & Dagger 0008530e
John Hancock – Isodoped 00178d57
Nick Valentine – Close to Metal 001e67bd
Paladin Danse – Know Your Enemy 008428d
Pipe – Gift of Gab 00178d54
Preston Garvey – United We Stand 84298
Robert MacCready – Killshot 00178d50
Strong – Beserk 84290
X6-88 – Shield Harmonics 000842a0

Mini Game Pip-Boy Tapes Item Command Codes

Mini Game Pip-Boy Tapes Item Command ITEM ID #
Atomic Command 0006167b
Grognak & The Ruby Ruins 000727fa
Pipfall 72802
Red Menace 000e5082
Zeta Invaders 72803

Special Weapon Codes

Weapons or Item Name ITEM ID #
Deathclaw Gauntlets d8576
Power Fist 11b336
Junk Jet e942b
Hallucigen Gas Grenade e98e5
Grognak’s Axe ff002c79
Homing Beacon 65dec
Institute Beacon 174f8f
Broadsider fd11b
Kremvh’s Tooth 00225b5e
Shem Drowne Sword ff00364a
Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun ff001a74
Shishkebab ff001532
Suppressed Deliverer Pistol ff001a23
2076 World Series Baseball Bat ff003687
Zeta Gun ff001dec
Alien Blaster Pistol ff0010ea
Broadsider ff0036c9
Cryolator 00171B2B
Experiment 18-A ff001795
Revolutionary Sword 143ab5
Chinese Officer Sword 147be4
Shem Drowne’s Sword 238734
Syringer Rifle 14d09e

Weapon Codes

Minigun 0001F669
Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher 000BD56F
Flamer ff002e24
Gatling Laser ff002e1f
Gauss Rifle ff0036d3
Missile Launcher ff0031dc
Power Fist ff0017f0
Revolutionary Sword ff0019f9
Railway Rifle ff0026ce
Submachine Gun ff0031b5
Combat Shotgun ff00268c
Walking Cane ff001e22
Ripper ff0031b5

Armour Item Codes

Minutemen General’s Uniform ff001cd6
Minutemen General’s Hat ff001ebc
Kellogg’s Outfit ff000df8
Colonial Duster ff003687
Grognak Costume ff0036c9
Hazmat Suit ff001f66
Quinlan’s Armor ff00281b
Vault 81 Jumpsuit ff002b82
Vault 114 Jumpsuit ff00396f
Vault 111 Jumpsuit ff001e77
Vault 101 Jumpsuit ff001bad
T-45 Power Armor Helm 00154abf
T-45 Power Armor Left Arm 00154abd
T-45 Power Armor Left Leg 00154ac0
T-45 Power Armor Right Arm 00154abe
T-45 Power Armor Right Leg 00154ac1
T-45 Power Armor Chest 00154ac2
T-60 Power Armor Helm 00140c4a
T-60 Power Armor Left Arm 00140c3d
T-60 Power Armor Left Leg 00140c49
T-60 Power Armor Right Arm 00140c45
T-60 Power Armor Right Leg 00140c3f
T-60 Power Armor Chest 00140c42
X-01 Power Armor Helm 00154ac5
X-01 Power Armor Left Arm 00154ac3
X-01 Power Armor Left Leg 00154ac6
X-01 Power Armor Right Arm 00154ac4
X-01 Power Armor Right Leg 00154ac7
X-01 Power Armor Chest 00154ac8

MMO Item Codes

5mm Rounds 0001F66C
.308 Rounds ff00272d
.44 Rounds ff002685
Alien Blaster Ammo ff002339
Cannonball ff0027cf
Flamer Fuel ff0015fd
Fusion Cell ff001e8a
Gamma Rounds ff002843
Mini-Nuke 000E6B2E
Missiles ff003983
Plasma Cartridge ff00366b
Railroad Spikes ff002979
Cryo Cell 0018ABE2


Fallout 4 is an amazing game. The storyline, the character, and the quests are mesmerizing. No matter how much you play, you just cannot get enough of the game.

Cheats like God mode, Fly and Kill all are extremely fun. Use them to add some twist to your gameplay. However, keep in mind that you do not use a lot of commands at once, as it may crash your game and you may lose all your progress in the game. Backup all your saved game files before you try to alter any game files. If you are experiencing bugs, report them to the developers as they tend to release patches for them.