FIFA 20 Guide – Tips, Tricks and More That You Need To Know

FIFA 20 goes on sale today for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, while on Nintendo Switch comes to a Legacy Edition updating the templates. The great game of EA is presented with several new developments, starting with the new Volta mode with its more arcade and more entertaining style and continuing with the novelties that we have been able to see in modes such as Carrera, FUT and Pro Clubs.

Therefore, in this guide under construction, we will be explaining and adding all kinds of secrets, tricks, and review to the best players and best teams that are currently in the game for different modalities. Do you want to be the FIFA champion?

FIFA 20 Guide – Tips, Tricks and More

First of all, we will remind you that you have our analysis with a final note published since the week of launch, where we highlight the game’s willingness to improve and expand the offer of game modes and a much slower pace of games, although it is true that We miss more evolution and developments on the pitch. You can also access our video analysis in case you want to see the game in motion and know what its main qualities are.

In the index of this guide on the right of the page you will find different blocks that will be developed where we will talk about better players by position, age or potential for career mode, we will give advice on FUT and we will publish necessary tutorials to control all the elements of the game, such as faults and dribbling.

In addition, we leave you with other articles that may be of interest on this page. The FIFA 20 guide is your information and data center to make the most of the title. Let the ball roll.

The FIFA Ultimate Team mode also allows you to build your own top team as a player. Act as a manager and hire or sell players in FIFA 20. But for this, you have to get FIFA 20 ps4 coins online.

Five teams to play career mode

One of the great virtues of a game like FIFA is to be able to recreate great stories that break the dominance of the classic teams of the major leagues. Therefore, we recommend five teams to play career mode and become the revelation of the season in different leagues. They are teams with projection, attractive and with a story behind that deserves to be told.

FIFA 20 Web App: what it is and how it works

FIFA 20 comes from the hand of a new FIFA 20 Web App that serves to manage all kinds of elements of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, passing through transfers and other management elements. A compliment for PC, iOS and Android essential to work on the changes of players in your FUT team.