How to Find the Right Data Recovery Software

data recovery software

Whether due to accidental deletion or simply due to data corruption, sometimes we end up losing access to our important data. In such cases, our initial thought is to look for a professional & trusted data recovery software. But, with so many options available, including free and paid ones, it is not easy to select the most suitable one for your needs and budget.

Choosing a random data recovery software and trying to recover the data is not the right approach. Such attempts can cause even more harm to the data.

Even in the best case scenario, not all software succeed in recovering the data completely, which is why you need to be careful while going for a data recovery software and have some knowledge about the data recovery process first hand.

Some Precautions to Keep in Mind while selecting a Data Recovery Software:

There are endless options available for you to choose from the data recovery software segment. Almost each of them has a different process overview, and all of them claim to be the best.

Before you go deciding the tool best suited for your needs, you need to consider the factors that concern the data recovery process.

  1. Recovery media, file types, and time in hand are some of the things that can help you get most of your files back.
  2. Don’t ever let yourself get deceived by free software. They always come with limited features. For example, they will just scan and/or put a limit size on the file and ask you to opt for a paid version or ask for your personal details such as your phone, email, or sometimes credit card credentials etc.
  3. Even the best voted amongst top data recovery software aren’t always effective and not every software works for all types of deleted files and on every kind of storage media.
  4. You should only go for trusted data recovery software which have years of experience backed by good customer reviews.
  5. Avoid using cracked, nulled software’s etc. They are very often accompanied by virus, malwares and more which in turn can corrupt your data even by a greater extent.

You can follow the guidelines below to select a data recovery software that fits your needs.

Features that a Data Recovery Software must have

There are multiple things to consider while choosing a software for your particular data recovery needs. There are both free and paid options available for this as well.  Freeware often comes with limited features and can cripple your chances of getting your data back.

There are some important points you need to look for in a data recovery software:

1. Preview & Search Option

A good data recovery software should have the ability to provide a preview of the found files and its details before starting the recovery process. This way you can save time and find the files that you are looking for. Having a search option with it helps speed up the process.

2. Multiple File Format Support

The software should have support for various extensions and different file types. It ensures that all your needs are met in one place. It should also be compatible with your particular system formats such as FAT, NTFS, or any other.

3. Disk Imaging

This particular feature is useful in case of physical damage to the storage media. Using this, you can migrate the entire media onto a similar device and keep your data safe.

4. Network Recovery

For those who use cloud storage devices or remotely connected systems, this feature is a boon. With this, you can recover your data without having to be present at the place in the physical form.

5. Unbootable Drive Support

This recovery software helps you in case your system is not able to start up or is not booting up. Usually, such a software comes with a bootable media, enabling you to resolve the issue.

Besides the above, there are several minor points that you need to consider in a data recovery software such as the ability to recover permanently deleted files, recovering data from deleted/reassigned/formatted drive/partitions, and the support for recovery from a RAW drive.

Is There A Software That Fits All Your Needs?

Stellar Windows Data Recovery software is a one-stop solution for all your data recovery requirements. It has been recommended by the likes of Chip centre and PCMag, both known for their expertise in analysis and recommendation of worthy software to their users.

Our data recovery software for windows stands out amongst other with features such as recovery from encrypted storage media, system start up disk in case of boot failure, disk image creation for faulty storage media and more.

Stellar has four separate versions of Stellar Windows Data Recovery software:-

  1. Free
  2. Home
  3. Professional
  4. Technician

Each one has additional features to the ones mentioned earlier. You can try free version of Windows Data Recovery Software first, and then compare the features of the rest to decide which one is best suited for you.

There is also a separate data recovery software for Mac users. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is India’s most reliable recovery software made for MacOS users. You can use its free trial version and, once completely satisfied, purchase it.

Our Mac Data Recovery Software has many key features added in it which puts it above others such as customisable recovery options, ability to add new file types, recovery of corrupt time machine backup, boot camp partition recovery and more.

In addition to having such great features and recommendation, all top stellar data recovery software’s for windows, or mac, have received top ratings by industry experts. Stellar, an ISO 9001:2021 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company, has been providing 100 % safe and secure data recovery services for more than 2 decades.

Be it accidental deletion, virus attacks, or formatting, the premium data recovery tool from stellar will live up to your expectations and retrieve your critical data from your storage device in an instant!