How Folder Lock Makes Your Life Easier


There was a time when computer were new to us and we did not knew how to even start it. The early stages includes us using computers for not so important tasks as it was not capable of doing much. However, today, computers are able to do everything there is to do. From sending emails to live conversations. From searching recipes to watching, complete videos of them recipes and how to make them. All of this has happened with the introduction of technology through various means.

As the time passed by, computers evolved, became faster, and were able to tasks nobody thought of and more! However, the same relaxation actually helped the hackers, intruders, prying eyes etc. in having better tools, access and information on hacking into your stuff while you are away or right in front of you, whatever suits them best.

Hence, the introduction of technology has brought convenience to not only us, but to the people as well whom we did not trust.

Threats however would continue to exist regardless of everything else due to such ease. In this case, you as a user must take precautionary steps to avoid any cases of data losses. You do not need to too tech-savvy to set security around you. All you need to know is what, how and which type of security can you trust upon.

For instance, Folder Lock is a data security software also known as the reliable encryption software of the modern era. The best part about Folder Lock is that it sounds to be only a folder locking software but offers much more than that. For example, features like file shredder, history cleaner, cloud backup, USB security and more! In short, a complete data security package that seems to have no loose ends.

You must be thinking how it encrypts files.

Since its encryption for which Folder Lock is famous for, it is essential for you to understand how it does work. Follow the steps mentioned below:

The process of encrypting files

First, you need to create a locker and whatever data you store into it, is encrypted automatically. These lockers are self-executable and dynamic programs that have their own Z drive by default.

  1. Run Folder Lock
  2. Tap on ‘Create Locker’ and follow the locker creation steps
  3. Moving on, name your locker which if not named would be automatically assigned a name, which would be ‘Locker1’
  4. Now you would be asked to set a password for your locker
  5. You must select the type of locker you would like to create. In case if you do not select, the default ‘portable locker’ would be assigned to you
  6. The basic locker offers up to 14TB of data. However, you cannot transfer these lockers onto an external drive unlike portable lockers, which are transferable
  7. After the creation, the setup would show you the necessary details like name and size of the locker
  8. Click on the ‘open locker on finish’ button if you want your locker to open automatically after the process ends
  9. Moving on, you would see the status of your locker. This menu would let you edit, close and backup your locker to the respective cloud storage service.
  10. The locker can be accessed in two ways. One is by right clicking on the locker and selecting ‘open’. The other method is accessing your locker through the UI of the software. To do so, tap on the ‘open locker’ option located on the top right middle
  11. Enter your password after opening your locker. Doing so would open it in the virtual drive

Hence, now your locker is open and needs you to drag and drop files in it to start encrypting them. To close the locker, right click on the locker and tap on ‘close locker button’.