Latest Gb Whatsapp Apk Download For Your Android

For all WhatsApp lovers, GB WhatsApp is a fantastic application you must take advantage of as early as now. The GBWhatsapp is a modified Android application with extra add-ons that have more power to heighten your WhatsApp experience. GB Whatsapp is one of the most exciting applications available on Android smartphones because, with it, users can comfortably have two WhatsApp applications on their android devices.

 In the real sense, it is hard to find the Gb WhatsApp on the google play store reason being it is the standard WhatsApp application which has undergone some advancements which have extra features. With GBwhatsapp you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts on any android device.  In other words, you can use your basic WhatsApp and GBwhatsapp at the same time on your android device. If you tried GB WhatsApp and Enjoyed the experience of using the app then you can try Tm WhatsApp For Android.

When these two accounts get used co-currently, you will understand that you can receive messages in the multiple WhatsApp accounts. In this article, I will give you a complete guide on how you can download the GBwhatsapp on your android device as well, how you will install the application as well as the unique features of the GBwhatsapp.


  • Works Well With the Basic WhatsApp Version

Users can comfortably have the two WhatsApp applications that are the basic WhatsApp and the GB WhatsApp at the same time on any android device. So far, there are no reported issues about the combination of these two applications concurrently.

  • More Advanced Editing and Message Capabilities

With GBwhatsapp, you can send one message to more than 35 people by just creating a group name and add the characters you want they receive the message. In the GBWhatsApp there are numerous editing and functions you can utilize to customize your messages.

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  • Hundreds of More Emojis

The GBWhatsapp comes in more than one hundred extra emojis as a way of enhancing your messaging experience. These emojis are an added advantage to you as the user because you do not need to install additional emojis on your WhatsApp.

  • Ability to Hide WhatsApp Notifications.

The GBWhatsapp is unique in a way that you can easily hide you’re last seen from other people; you can also hide the blue ticks on the messages, as well as hiding the visibility mode when you are typing your messages

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