Apps to Get Free In-APP Purchase on Rooted and Non-Rooted Android


The Google Play Store offers more than millions of apps for free which can be used to download movies, songs and other non-entertainment items without much difficulty. Don’t worry about the availability of such a service for your non-rooted android device. This free in app purchase facility is available for both rooted and non-rooted android devices.

This article will include a synopsis on such latest free apps and how to avail them without being duped. However, free in app purchase like freemium app requires the user to pay for some feature or upgradation, but definitely allowing him to download the app for free.


It is illegal to hack in app purchase. An app developer does a lot of hard work in developing an app. He has every right to earn from such app developments. The purpose of this article is to provide information and not to promote or support hacking activity (s).

Five Apps to enable Free in App Purchase.

Lucky Patcher

Download Link :https://luckypatcher.co/

Developer: Techylist


It is developed by Techylist and enables the user to hack Google Play Store and download paid apps. It also helps to remove license from any application and to crack most of the android games. It can be rooted by using the application King Root. It comes with the size of 6.5 MB and is available in multiple languages. Though Google detects this as a virus, it is extremely secured to use.


  1. It helps to block advertisement.
  2. It supports modification of system apps.
  3. It bypasses license verification.


  1. Many people have complained that Lucky Patcher 6.3.5 version did not work for them.

Cheat Engine for Android

Download : Visit the official website of cheat engine for android.

Developer: Dark Byte


Like Freedom, this app too enables the user to earn unlimited gold, gems, tokens etc. It works like SB Game Hacker and Game Guardian. It uses a hex memory searcher and editor to help users modify memory address. It has an open source and can be modified to the use of the readers. The program is similar to L. Spiro’s Memory Hacking Software, TSearch and ArtMoney.  It also has some Direct3D manipulation tools, allowing vision through walls and zooming in/out.


  1. It can create stand alone trainers.
  2. It can view the disassembled memory of a process and can make alterations.
  3. It has direct 3D manipulation tools.
  4. It has the feature of “fast scan” feature.
  5. It can also scan “read only memory”.


  1. It is not very user friendly.
  2. It is difficult to create a hack utility for the app.


Download link: http://apkreal.com/freedom-apk/


Though this app is not available in Play Store, it is one of the best apps to buy reward points in games for free. It bypasses the credit checking system of Google Play and uses a fake credit card to serve the purpose.


  1. It is completely free.
  2. It buys gems and coins without any limit.
  3. It is user friendly.


  1. It is not available in Google PlayStore.
  2. This requires root access.
  3. It is available for marshmallow as well.


Developer : creeteam


This app is developed by Cree Team and requires no rooting access. It is similar to Freedom apk. It uses simple user interface and has been last updated in 2021. It helps the users to ignore unwanted levels of gaming. It also has the ability to bypass app payments. Moreover, it uses several illegal methods to hack different games for free and gems, coins in games can be increased without any limit.


  1. It helps to increase gems and gold in any game.
  2. It is available in extremely small size and is user friendly.
  3. It is faster to install.


  1. Manual change of source of the application, breaks the flow.
  2. The device has to be updated before installation of the app.


Developer: Harsh


It makes use of an inbuilt free play card like that of Creehack and Lucky Patcher. It also does not require rooted devices for working efficiently. The 1.2 version is its latest version. It helps to earn coins, life for free. Moreover, it also allows to make desired changes in the game. It easily synchronises with most applications. The minimum requirement for this app is the availability of a 2.2x Android device.


  1. It offers unlimited app purchases.
  2. No rooting is required for the app to work.
  3. It works extremely well on pinball, HD, Fool etc.
  4. It even allows to bypass app payments.


  1. It cannot work for online games.
  2. It cannot purchase google play apps and games.
  3. There always remains a risk of suspension of the account.


The apps discussed above enable to purchase free apps and games without any hassle. While many apps are free some of the best apps are price tagged. With the above mentioned apps one can hack any desired app, and set any feature: like removing ads, adding credit bonus and high speed up gradation of games. The system memory of any app can be improved with the help of these hacker apps, without affecting the in app purchase or earning of coins, gold and points in Games. Though these are sometimes illegal to use and there always remains a possibility of suspension, the developers are constantly trying to reduce such risk factors.