A Detailed Guide To The world Of Hashtgs(#) & Its Use For Parents

A hashtag (#) is the sign of Pound and also used as the label of a content. Thus this symbol helps others to make interest in a particular topic and in meeting your target audience promptly.  Though nowadays, Hashtags are used on various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ etc. But they came into light after the utmost use on Twitter.

Most popular hashtags that are used on social platforms are #love, #beautiful, #happy, #selfie, #instadaily, #instalike, #like4like, #follow4follow, #followme, #style, #photooftheday, #picoftheday, #family, #friends, #nature, #fitness etc. Thus Hashtags in social media are used to attract people towards yourself, to organize, and to promote.

For today’s generation, Hashtag is a notable word but for many mums and dads, it is still an unknown word. Kids of today’s generation have grown up believing the world is their stage. But, parents should be careful regarding the use of Hashtags by their kids. If parents wish not to fall their children into any trap, you should simply use an ideal parental control software.

A recent research on the kids current internet and social media use might shock you.


Current situation for teenagers

Nowadays, the younger generation is addicted to the overuse of Hashtags with the latest trends. Due to the daily arrival of any new trend, it has become a challenge for parents to prevent their overuse which is simply like an “Ice Bucket Challenge”. If kids want to express themselves in two, three or four words simultaneously, they use a specific trend with a #(hashtag) to express that situation or emotion.

People use the Hashtags like #Kindness, and #Depressed in their photos expressing them, therefore, the young generation is greatly addicted. Thus it is an online trend nowadays that works for the people drastically to show their moods as well.

How to Use Hashtags in a Smart Way

Hashtags have now become a prominent part for the generation of the younger generation. It has rarely been found that any kid is not using the Hashtag today. Pound sign is used by the teens to draw the attention of their friends. Thus kids try to make more and more followers on Instagram. But they also use them to show their real intention after adding secret or hidden hashtags to their posts that harm them drastically like overuse of drugs and it is a major cause of their parents’ concerns.

It is significant for the parents to make their children sensible regarding the over and proper use of Hashtags. Parents should understand for their children that Hashtags are designed to be used in large public conversations by companies and people where it becomes tough to make itself clear among people on social media.

Various Types of Hashtags

Hashtags are of different types and for various purposes, these are used. Though it is the most popular way to categorize your content on social media and thus it makes you discoverable by the other people on the social media. Hashtags used for various purposes by teens should understand their parents effectively. If your kid is using the Hashtags like #privacyplease,  #loneliness, and #depression may be a red flag for you. So you should aware of the uses of such Hashtags.

Alarming Hashtags

Though Hashtags are the popular way to express the personal feeling for kids, it is very important for parents to know the actual meaning and some specific Hashtags that should not be used by children on social media. You should be aware of the Hashtags like #yag, #netflixandchill, #sue, #livingdangerously, #selfharmmm,  #panic, #bulimia, #fat, #mood, #pills, #unfair, #killme, #secrets, #unfair, #metalillness and #helpme, which are hazardous regarding the safety and wellness of your child.

How to protect your kids online?

Coming on to how you can protect your kids when you see these strange hashtags, well first of all, how can you find out about this? A great parental monitoring & control software that monitors all the activities your kid or teen whether you’re at home or outside.

TiSPY is a great parental control software that allows you to monitor all the social media activities that your kid does. It can also control all unlike activities of your kid as well by blocking specific sites which they’re using constantly. TiSPY is one of the most popular phone monitoring application in the world ensuring the impenetrable security and safety of your children every time and everywhere.

More than 5 lakhs candidates have been successfully monitored so far with this great software. The parents’ satisfaction with this parental monitoring software is about 95% that shows the commitment towards the safety of your child.

Final words

In the online, it is very difficult to complete control over the use of the internet or social media or other activities performed by your child but we can try once at least with our tricks mentioned above. You can’t monitor your child every time so you should take the help from any best parental control software or app that provides the better security to your kid all round the clock.

Parental Control Software or apps removes all the internet threats from your child after identifying hazardous apps and sites and blocks those instantly and also let you know.