How to Import Thunderbird Mail to Outlook 2021, 2013, 2010

convert Thunderbird to Outlook

In this blog, we will discuss on the two famous and widely used email clients Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook. You will know about the reasons to why to export Thunderbird to outlook.

Which Email Client should be preferred and why? Keep reading this article to know about migrate outlook to Thunderbird. Both email clients come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

In this new era, people seek most of the things online. Not only paying bills are preferred online. From booking flights to movie tickets they want everything online. Advancement in the field of Technology in this 21st century had made people smarter and the things much easier than before.

As we know Thunderbird is a free email client. It is obvious to lack some beneficiary feature as compared to Outlook. If we compare Microsoft Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird. Outlook arrived first in the market and is now more advanced.

It is a part of Microsoft Office Suite and is used as personal information manager but often used as an email client that comes with task manager, journal, note taking and also web browsing. You will find many email services using MS Outlook.

There are many email service providers in the world. Hotmail is one of the top most eamil service from microsoft. It got some amazing features that other sdont have. Here is the url to signup. www hotmail com

However, Thunderbird is free but still missing some of the eminent features which Microsoft Outlook comes with. Let’s talk about it.

Why to Prefer MS Outlook over Thunderbird

There are many reasons which will enforce you to export Thunderbird emails to outlook emails. Have look at these must know reasons:

  • The foremost reason to prefer Microsoft instead Mozilla Thunderbird is because MS Outlook is a standalone application that can work with Microsoft Share Point Server and Microsoft Exchange Server. Users can easily share mailboxes and calendars also Exchange Public Folders easily with Outlook.
  • Microsoft Outlook is better than Thunderbird because of security reasons. It preferred over Thunderbird mainly because of its higher security System. Also, it is most trusted email client by Users.
  • The second reason to export Thunderbird to outlook is only Outlook permits to go to the online platform like Office 365.You can submit most of the things in online. Using Thunderbird email client will not permit you to go in online flat form like MS Outlook does.
  • You will find additional features like social media updates, email- messaged scheduling and to- do list too. 
  • Unlike Thunderbird, MS Outlook will show related messages, documents, and posts. Also, Outlook features astounding features like message filtering, quick search, virtual folders and also labels to find messages. All these amazing features come with Outlook, etc.

How to convert Thunderbird to Outlook?

In order to convert Mozilla Thunderbird Mails to MS Outlook effortlessly, you need to go for a reliable third party tool like thunderbird converter. Opting for Thunderbird Converter makes the things easier.

This stupendous utility makes the things easier. Follow these simple steps to easily import emails from Thunderbird to Outlook:

  • Download Thunderbird Converter Tool. You will get it easily online. Then Run and Install the software in your system.
  • Open the tool. Selected the MBOX files or folder you want to convert from thunderbird to outlook.
  • After selecting the files to select required file formats among the multiple file formats i.e. PST file formats.
  • Press convert to initiate the conversion process for Thunderbird to Outlook.
  • After the completion of convert thunderbird to outlook process. The tool will show the export status. Click OK. And see the files in the destination path you selected for the conversion data.

Thunderbird Converter – Reliable solution to export Thunderbird to outlook

Noteworthy features of Thunderbird Converter are –:

  • Supports Fast Migration of Thunderbird to Outlook emails. Convert Thunderbird Mails to Outlook using this stupendous Converter Wizard.
  • Also, comes with easy to use Graphical User Interference. You don’t need to have the prior technical knowledge to use this software. Even the non-technical user can use it easily.
  • Supports Conversion of Thunderbird email to 10+ multiple file formats including PST, PDF, MSG, EML, EMLX, DOCX, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, Office 365, etc.
  • Also, save the resultant data in the desired destination path. You just need to select the location for saving the converted data.
  • Eminent feature to retain the Meta structures of data even after bulk conversion of Thunderbird Mails to Outlook mails with attachments.
  • This tool comes with two Conversion mode. “Single conversion Mode” to convert single Thunderbird mail and “Multiple conversion Mode” for conversion of multiple files. i.e.  Bulk conversion of Thunderbird Mails to Outlook mails. Users can choose according to their need. This tool does the bulk conversion of unlimited Thunderbird Mails without any hassle.
  • This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System including the latest Windows 10 version.
  • Microsoft Outlook mails support encrypted mails and also MAPI (Microsoft Exchange Server Protocol). Also, comes with an additional feature of Active Synchronization.
  • Also, MS outlook can follow up most of the attributes, unlike Mozilla Thunderbird email.
  • Absolutely virus-free safe and secured to use Mozilla Thunderbird Converter utility. Supports antivirus like Norton and MacAfee Security.
  • Supports 24X7 technical support. You will get 100% satisfactory answers to your queries anytime.

Now, you know the reasons to export Thunderbird to Outlook. Also, a reliable solution to perform this conversion task effortlessly and in minimal time duration.


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    1. Syed Moin Ali

      Thanks for your complement to m work. stay connected with our blog to reach such more content.

  2. Thanks for another great article. Where can anyone get that kind of information written in such a perfect manner? I have a presentation next week, and I’m on the search for such information Microsoft Server 2016 Repair

    1. Syed Moin Ali

      Thanks for your complement to m work. stay connected with our blog to reach such more content.

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