Get Online Competitive Edge; How to improve your Overall SEO score?


The criterion to succeed as a brand has changed drastically over a period of time. These days, marketing and business promotion do not revolve around brochures, pamphlets or television commercials. Having a strong online presence is the talk of today. If a website is being displayed on the first page according to a search phrase, it would not face problems in getting hits and converting them into leads. For this purpose, you need to have a good SEO score. Here is how you can improve it.

Content Quality is absolutely integral

Today, improving search engine rankings is not about stuffing the content with relevant keywords even if they do not make sense. Readability plays a pivotal role if you want a good traffic count on your website and its rank to improve as well.

When you talk about quality content, it means that the presented information should be related to the subject that you are talking about. For instance, if you are offering smartphones, you would mention how these advanced gadgets can prove to be useful for scheduling, call management, reminders and other purposes as well.

The content should highlight the products and services being offered and related to the domain so that the user can be engaged. If you have experienced web content writers, they would be able to draft quality content with uniqueness to get the user’s attention in a quick time.

The content needs to be useful for the visitor. In other words, it should increase his knowledge and add to the information. For instance, instead of listing down the technical features of smartphones, focus more on how your products can be useful.

When someone visits your website to purchase a product, he would seek maximum value for money. If the content on the website fails to convince him about the product, he would not navigate to another website in a quick time.

  • Copying content is nothing less than poison for a company. Prominent search engines including Google have very strict regulations in this relation. If your website has plagiarized content, it would be blacklisted forever. This would obviously create a very negative image in front of potential consumers
  • People who purchase products/services online do invest time when they are going through the information mentioned on the company website. To look professional, the written content should be free of grammatical mistakes. If the content is not proofread properly and there are typos or other grammatical issues, a visitor may feel that the brand is not professional.

Using Headings makes the difference

When text is written in bold and italics, the user would naturally read it. If you have specific targeted keywords, you can use bold/italic font for them. Hence, when the user would visit the landing/home page, he would read the required keywords.

Updating Content from time to time

If a company does not refresh its web content from time, it gives the impression that the website is not being maintained properly.

Search Engines give a lot of importance to content freshness. Consider content writing as an essay writing technique that involves the online marketing of products. Websites that have out-dated content for a long time fail to get a good rank.

When you come to content writing it’s an all-time boring task. The people mostly use the content marketing tools such as the SEMRUSH, Ahrefs, CopyScape and Paraphrase tool by SEOToolsCentre to select similar words to enrich your content.

In addition to that, it reduces the chances of an online visitor returning. For example, consider that you have online sales with 20% off on all the products. If a customer visits your websites one week after the sales have ended and it still has the same promotional content, he would surely move towards another website.

This is because he would think that the company is not proactive in refreshing its content. On the other hand, if you update your content from time to time or add new blog posts, it would be easy to have returning visitors. This eventually increases the chances of online sales.

Breaking Content into headings

Pages stuffed with text without any presentation or format causes boredom for the user. Even if the buyer is seriously interested in what you are offering, he would get turned off if the information is not provided categorically.

Content should be distributed into headings so that the reader knows what he would be reading. In other words, he would not have to search for the required information by reading through several lines. For instance, consider that your company sells footwear.

To make the content more interesting and easier to read, divide it into headings. You can use various headings including shoe types, color options, sizes, and material. In this way, if someone is only interested in viewing size options, he would be able to scroll to the heading that provides information about the available sizes. This would actually save a lot of time for the visitor as he would not have to go through unrelated content.

Using Images and Videos

Information in visual form is easier to understand that simple text. For instance, if you have a picture of a smartphone, it would be easier for the user to understand how it looks as compared to when he has to read through piles of text.

When images are used along with text, it is much easier to keep the users engaged. There are few tips which can prove to be helpful. The comprehensive image search process is essential to gain expected results.

While uploading images, keep in mind that heavy files can make the page slower as it would increase the loading time. Thus, usage images where they are necessary and opt for file formats that are lighter. In addition to that, do not overstuff the pages with images if they are not needed. You should only use the ones that provide a better elaboration of your products/services.

ALT Tags

A lot of business owners do not know that the use of ALT text (alternate text) can make it easier for prominent search engines to find their website. Particularly, if the user is using a “text-only” browser, ALT tags would prove to be of major help.

Correct Text for Links

It is important to use the correct text if your page provides a link to another website. Using texts like “click here” or “click on this link” sounds overly promotional. It is always better to use keywords or product-related phrases to insert links.

Consider that you run a footwear brand. You can use phrases like “leather footwear” or “best shoes” to insert links. This would prove to be more natural and the links would seem embedded with the overall text. Using a phrase with the needed keywords as the link text would improve the search engine ranks of your own website as well as of the one you are linked to.

A responsive website is the talk of the today

Having a website is very different from having a responsive one. Technology has undergone rapid advancement with the passage of time. Today, people rarely use desktops and laptops for online browsing and smartphones or tablets are used more often.

  • If a website is not responsive, the page dimensions would not be adjusted according to the size of the screen. For instance, if someone visits a non-responsive website on a smartphone, he would have to scroll for several minutes to reach the end of the page or view a particular link. A responsive website is far more compatible and offers immense convenience to the user.
  • Responsive web pages automatically adjust according to the screen size being used. This eliminates the unnecessary requirement of scrolling. Remember that most users do not like scrolling. They expect the complete layout of the webpage to be viewed at a time. For non-responsive websites, it is almost impossible to get a good SEO rank considering the diverse devices that users use for online browsing these days.

Have the target audience in mind

If the web content is not written according to the mindset of the targeted audience. It would be hard to score a high search engine rank and generate sales. Keep your potential reader in mind while drafting the content. For instance, if you are selling motherboards, most people to visit your website would be IT business professionals.

Thus, you can use technical terms as the targeted audience would have relevant domain knowledge. However, if you are selling computers to home users, more concentration on using instructions and warranty claims would be required.