What is ITIL, and how ITIL Certification Benefits?

What is ITIL

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a library used to describe the best practices of the framework for delivering IT services. ITIL holds the methods that are necessary for IT Service Management (ITSM). The ITIL is recognized all around the world due to its framework for ITSM and its key certification for the IT professionals.


ITIL mainly focuses on the basics that are necessary for the businesses, that’s why known as one of the highest paying certifications.

The practices and solutions that ITIL holds help the IT professional to tackle the various situation that comes in IT service management. ITIL act as a helping hand for improving the IT operations, it even helps the businesses by improving there IT services and also reduces the costs.

About ITIL Certification

In currents marketing trend, having IT Certification like ITIL can help you to stand aside from the crowd. Once you gain more knowledge about ITIL certification, you’ll understand that it is one of the gold standards of the IT practices.

The ITIL Certification helps prospective employers to learn about ITIL utilization in the business environment and how ITIL framework fit together.

How ITIL Certification help?

An ITIL framework helps in providing predictability and consistency among the service delivery over different

The framework of ITIL provides the predictability and consistency in the service delivery across various units and processes. Further, ITIL is the compilation of best practices, so there is no need for adoption. Therefore, organizations will able to decide “how to adjust their needs.”

Ways in which ITIL helps an organization:

  • Improvement in efficiency.
  • Risk management becomes better.
  • Effective Change Management.
  • Service level is Predictable.
  • Processes will remain consistent

Levels in ITIL Certification

Around the world, ITIL certification is in great demand. If you want to make your career in data center operations, management of IT infrastructures, etc. then opting the ITIL certification is right for your future.

If you want to avail ITIL certification, then it is necessary for you first to pursue an ITIL course. There are few companies which have compulsory the ITIL certification. So, if you want to work with the IT infrastructure management arena then get ITIL certified.

Here are various ITIL course levels that you need to clear for becoming ITIL certified:

  • ITIL Foundation

The foundation level holds basic information related to the service lifecycle such as elements, terminologies, and concepts. Moreover, it also provides you understanding related to the ITIL framework.

  • ITIL Practitioner level

To access this level, you need first to complete ITIL foundation level. Once you complete foundation level you gain the basic knowledge of ITIL framework. At the practitioner level, it will help you in improving the ability of the individual to adapt ITIL in business.

  • ITIL Intermediate level

The Intermediate level holds modular structures, every module in this level focuses differently on IT service management. On this level, you’ll gain the information of every module. Moreover, you can access this level only by completing the first two-level.

  • ITIL Expert

The ITIL expert level holds most importance in the ITIL certification. It is because the level targets only those people who desire to demonstrate their knowledge of ITIL in the business.

  • ITIL Master Qualification

The final and most important level in ITIL certification is the master qualification. The master qualification holds submission of more than one practical assignment. The practical assignment is basically to analyze your skills that you have applied personally in any desired business outcomes.

Benefits of ITIL Certification

As we already discussed “ITIL and its certification,” now we see the benefits of ITIL certification professional:

  • By becoming an ITIL certified professional, it will help you to improve your position in the job market.
  • Execution of new ideas by using ITIL framework, even your practices will help in facilitating the customer desired outcomes.
  • The certification will help you to get recognized for your expertise by your senior inside and outside the organization.
  • Once you understand the use of ITIL tools and technique, it will improve your effectiveness and efficiency at the workplace.
  • Your certification will help you to improve your contribution to ITSM in your company by bringing various features like standard task automation, identifying the opportunities of IT services related to business.
  • Moreover, it also improves other factors like cost optimization, customer-centric approach to ITSM and many more.
  • ITIL framework helps in implementing new ideas, and such ideas will help in assisting customers desired outcomes.

Final Words

It is worth getting certified only when you have the understanding of your IT related work. It is necessary that you must apply your attained knowledge in practice.

The ITIL certification is one of the exceptional ways to deliver the capable IT staff. It also helps in building the workable framework for ITSM. As a professional, if you want to learn the ITIL framework, then it is must for you to complete the five level of ITIL certification.