5 Best Platforms to Get Realistic Computer Generated Images


Computer Generated Images, popularly known as CGI is the application of computer graphics specifically 3D special effects. It has become highly popular among different entities, bearing in mind that it works perfectly with various product configuration software.

CGI is used in television programs, films, and commercials platforms to get realistic computer-generated images. Below are some of the platforms you can get computer-generated images.


Bigman creates stunning computer-generated imagery (CGI). They license the latest Pixar technology to create excellent artwork. Bigman director is such an expert that he even writes tutorials on Pixar blog.
Bigman has been in production of computer-generated image projects for the last nine years.

The technical experts, producers, and directors have been working hand in hand to ensure the establishment runs successfully on time, on budget producing high quality. Bigman endeavors to work with;

Corporate – Ensure companies stand out through their slick, professional corporate images and videos.

Product Visualisation – produce the product to its best. Does technical visualization, 360 product turntable videos, exploded views and pack shots. Medical CGI – Use product with their medical visualization service.

CGI Characters– Designing CGI characters from scratch to tell a story in a charismatic and authentic manner.

Architectural CGI – Use Architectural CGI to market developments in an incredible high-resolution detail even before the actual foundation has been laid.

CGI animation – Amazing animation services that are engaging and entertaining.

Illustration – Creates beautiful and imaginative images that illustrate the client’s ideas.

Hollywood Lexicon CGI (computer-generated imagery) in movies

Hollywood Lexicon uses the 3D effect to achieve the standard for movie making through a process called Ray Tracing.

The process begins by using specialized graphics software that develops mathematical three-dimensional models of surfaces of objects inanimate and living.

CGI is seen as an outcome of advanced computer processing which will keep advancing to a point where motion picture star can be replaced by personas visually created.

The History of CGI’s in movies began in 1975 when George Lucas created Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), and the process has been gradual to the Age of Ultron (2021), Infinity War (2021) war which are prime sources of CGI business.


IKEA is a Swedish furniture company that has embraced cutting-edge tech to create imagery and videos.
Established by Ingvar Kamprad in 1942 it now operates 400 stores in 49 countries. The use of Interior design imagery in communication has played a significant role in its success.
IKEA runs an entire company called IKEA Communication AB (ICOM) to handle imagery and production of their catalog. A significant proportion is created using 3ds Max in conjunction with Chaos group’ V-Ray for 3ds Max.


Accenture is a big company with a workforce of 425,000 consultants around the globe.
Accenture which acquired its existing content from Mackevision designs and produces high-quality 3D visualization, animations and visual effects (VX) for images, interactive applications, and films. There also develop technological solutions for generating images.
Their clients include worldwide film producers, agencies, mid-size enterprises, and corporations.

Pixar Animation Studio

Pixar Animation Studio is an American studio owned by The Walt Disney Company.
Pixar has produced over 20 computer-animated feature film. The studio has earned 19 Academy Awards, 11 Grammy Awards, 8 Golden Globe Awards and many other more.