The Most Popular Social Networks Worldwide

Social media could be regarded as the biggest innovation of this decade, as it has engrossed every other millennial towards it and has come up as the new digital medium to outcast your voice throughout the world. Started just from the Friendster and Orkut in the early 2000s, the social media world has gone with huge advancements in both technological and in modernism traits that have taken every other digital circuit by storm. Today there are more than 100 social networking websites active in the web world with billions of users registered on them, and they are increasing with every day.

Moreover, social media has just not remained a platform for everyday entertainment but has evolved more like a commercial place too where many businesses and organizations do lean on to sell and promote their brand and products, example Men Leather Jacket.

That is why we have assimilated a unique list of top social networking platforms which are active in the world, and have rightly compiled them according to their popularity and search metrics on different search engines.


Facebook has been named as the giant of social media which has been engrossed with a whopping 2 billion active users on it and is still growing on with rapid customer base. Since its arrival in 2004, Facebook quickly took over the crown of social media king from Orkut at that time, and from then on it is still ruling the social media world with complete dominance. In the commercial market, Facebook has market shares just around Google and has been rivetingly made high name in order technological grounds as well.


Twitter has emerged as the next biggest social platform after Facebook and has gained high repute as the only cerebral platform active out there which has almost all big stars from every field registered on it. Moreover, the platform has firstly introduced the trend of hashtags to target every other happening around with simple confined words, which was quickly adopted by many other social networks to give relevance to their own targeting over the web world.


Buy Instagram TV views has been vastly increasing its users base just from its inception and has regarded as the most popular platform for photo sharing all over the world. Moreover, it has also engrossed with the cerebral base just like the twitter and has elusively regarded as the best platform for socializing pictorial marketing. Which is why many brands also opt it to show their convergence towards visual marketing and the next step is to sell their products similar. They Buy Instagram Photo Likes which help them to get more reach and generate more profit.


YouTube is for sure the biggest online streaming social site which has millions of videos uploaded on it. It looks like a video streaming site, but today YouTube has evolved to such level that it has made its name as the biggest social website for video uploading and sharing. It engrossed with videos, movies, documentaries and many other things from all around the world and has every niche confined in it. Seeing its popularity, Google-owned it in 2006 and made huge advancements in it, that is why it quickly rose up to new heights from then and today it is one of the most visited and watched social website all over the world.


Google Plus or formally known as Google+ is been creatively named as that platform which has intrinsically spread all over the world with the fastest means. As earlier Google failed to promote its social channels like Buzz and Wave, but with the launch of Google+, the company finally gave the social media masterpiece of itself which got quick attention and popularity all over the world and today it is one of the most used and loved platforms in the social media world.


Tumblr is a different yet one of the most popular social networking site in the world, as it is basically a microblogging platform where users from all the world come and produce their ideas in the form of concise blogs, articles, and posts to share their relevance with others. So in this way, Tumblr could be said as the best social platform for those who want to share new ideas and trends with others in the form of detailed articles and blogs.


Expanded with wide outreach, Pinterest could be said as another platform just like of Instagram which has wide social outreach because of its pictures sharing module. There is a lot of more in the Pinterest just despite of matching Instagram trait, as you can make your own boards and groups in the platform and can pin accordingly.


Reddit is regarded as the best social platform for those people who wants to share their ideas in the form of creative intrinsic nature to wider community and groups. It has a very strong and smart niche of people registered on it who loves to talk about happening things and market updates to stay connected with the wider community. That is why it has a large pool of smart people who do like to share and segment all the latest news and updates with each other to grow the knowledge base on the platform simultaneously.


Probably the most used and loved chatting platform out there, Whatsapp has widely spread all over the globe as the unique and entrancing social messaging provider. It is basically a cross-platform application, which runs both on Android and Ios devices and uses internet connection to perform its sending and receiving of messages. While the most riveting feature of Whatsapp is that it registers on your phone number so that you can use it rightly with your personal number and can stay in contact with your peers.


Last but not least, Flickr comes in our list of top social networking platforms which is precisely dedicated for photo sharing and uploading with the wider class of people. Owned by Yahoo.com, Flickr existed well long before Pinterest and Instagram and is still regarded as the best place to share pictures despite having unique competition with those two giants.

So confining the above story short, there are many social platforms available out there which are widely used by Millenials and all classes of people to stay connected with each other. Whereas apart from the entertainment point of view, these platforms are also playing a big role in the commercial world as many brands and businesses are also heavily active on these sites.