6 Ways to Protect Your Kids From Online Danger

Protect Your Kids From Online Danger

Internet, which is considered a solution to almost every problem in today’s world. From finding books to playing games, or to explore a place, you’ve never been to, or to connect with your loved ones living thousands of miles away from you, you can find/do everything on the internet. WOAH, too many plus points, but as we know that nothing interesting is ever completely one-sided, so there are some negative points of the internet as well.

As our topic is for kids, so we can say the internet is a great place to be entertained, to learn new stuff and to explore things. And in today’s technology-driven world it is hard/impossible to avoid it. Because no matter, how hard you try, there will be one point in life when you’ll need it. So not why?! And for the protection from online endanger, one can just follow these ways.

But before that, I would like to state some facts. As we know that cyberbullying, child molesting and internet-stalking are way too common. 4 out of 10 has seen unwanted sexual content (in form of advertisement or any other way), 60% of people receive emails/direct messages from strangers ( Half of them usually respond), 11.1% fall for cyber scams and list goes on…

These are 5 ways to protect your kids from internet monsters:

1. Stay informed/ Get educated:

Most parents are behind their kids when it comes to about internet and stuff. They don’t know about most of the things that, happened on the internet and that lead them towards some serious problems. So, parents should have/ get more knowledge about everything, their kids are into.

Always stay one step ahead of your kids. This way, you can keep track of what they are doing. For example, kids can do hundreds of things on the internet like, download things; upload stuff about themselves and many more. So you have to check whatever they are getting themselves into, you know about it. And it’s not bad for them.

2. Set Time Limits

The time duration kids spend on the internet is very important. So, you as a parent, need to keep some time restrictions. Tell them, their limits. And If they cross them, set penalty.  Normally every parent knows their kids routine, so they can set time according to it.

3. Keep computers/devices at Safe place:

The third way just keeps the computer/ Laptops or any gadget they use, in a public place. It means that any place, where parents can watch their kid’s activities. Like, TV lounge, or in parents’ rooms. This way kids will be aware that they are being watched or can be caught anytime,  So they won’t get into something, that can cause trouble.

4. Have friendly Discussion with your kids on the Internet

Kids get isolated when they face allots of restrictions even in family discussion and this can lead them to find other ways, to express themselves. And trust me, they won’t be very pleasant. So in order to not let that happen, parents need to discuss everything with their kids, no matter what is. Because communication is the basic key to every tool.

This way, you can inform them about the effects of things, their cons, etc. You can guide them, on how to respond to several things. You can listen to their ways, what they could do in a certain situation. And another thing that matters here is Trust. You have to earn their trust and their friendship. This way they won’t hesitate, in sharing any event occurring in their lives.

5. Installing SMS Tracker:

Imagine having access to your child’s messages, emails, and social media accounts and you can monitor text messaging of your child, Now that makes sense, I mean, in a matter of saving our child from internet dangers, because it gives them a sense of freedom.

So basically on installing the App, SMS tracker, allow you to have access to target mobile phone without touching it and the targeted person didn’t get noticed.

The app gathers all the data from the target mobile and sends it to a personal account, so you can check from any other device.

6. Monitor Devices:

These strategies should work in many families, yet a few children are insubordinate, and they won’t yield to common sense. A few children can acquire their very own gadgets and records, and they will discover approaches to get to the risky corners of the web, results are condemned.

A few projects are intended to screen gadgets remotely. Numerous parents will consider this to be a final approach however you can screen a live feed of everything your kid does on the web. In critical conditions, this ought to give some alleviation.

My parent-tyke tech contract covers the majority of this and then some. It’s the most extensive contract of its sort. It spreads email, content informing, gaming discussions, passwords, harassing and suicide, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You have my consent to download it, print it, and offer it.