Top 5 Best Android Browser

Android Mobile Browser 2021
Android Mobile Browser 2021

There are many web browsers for android in google play, but peoples are still searching for the best one. In the year 2021, we are going to see many new apps and updates for Android as it’s developing in large number, web browsers are the most important part of any smartphone.

A normal human with a smartphone spends most of the time on the internet today than using rest of the applications like mobile games. So keep that in mind I have made a list of best web browsers for Android in 2021. So check the below list for best web browsers for Android in 2021:

List of Best Web Browsers for Android in 2021:

Opera Mobile Web Browser:

Opera Mobile is another best web browser for the Android platform. Being one of the oldest browsers in the mobile world, this browser seems to have all the basic features which are required for mobile browsing. This browser is also faster in loading web pages and supports multiple tabs feature. It has Twitter and Facebook’s built-in sharing option to share interesting pages with your social networks. Opera Mobile Web browser is available for both phones and tablets.

UC Browser for Android:

While deciding which browser I should put for this position in this list of Best android web browsers, I was confused between Firefox for Android and UC browser. I tried both of them and finally decided to keep the UC browser because of the speed and stability factor. It includes features like Quick Reads, Download Manager, Night Mode, Multi-Touch, Vox (Voice control features) and inbuilt share options to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Dolphin Browser:

Dolphin browser is the popular browser for Android and also have minimal theme browsers which are my favorite browser I also recommend you that its best for your Android device. Its gesture-based web surfing makes browsing fast and easy. Make gestures and the browser understands which page to render. It also has voice-based web searching feature. Webzine is the only one important feature which makes it different from other browsers Webzine feature means fast web page loading and don’t show you any ads that interrupt you and your work and also others features are included that is sidebars and speed dial.

Google Chrome for Android:

Google Chrome which now comes as a default web browser in many high ends as well middle range Android smartphones stood first in our list of Best Smartphones of 2013. This browser has many features which are very important for surfing the web. Though the interface of Google Chrome for Android is minimal we found it has all those features which normal desktop browsers have. The default address bar also serves as the search bar for quick searching. The important thing and the best thing about this browser is the “Sync” feature. It lets you take the bookmarks and saved passwords from your desktop Chrome to mobile Chrome. Google Chrome for Android is available for both phones and tablets.

Maxthon Android Web Browser:

Maxthon Android Web Browser claims itself to be a cloud-based multi-device browser. If you have multiple devices then you can use Maxthon web browser on each device to sync all your data via the cloud. It is also available in Apple iPad, iPhone, iTouch, iMac, MacBook, Kindle Fire, and Blackberry. Some of the important features that made this browser to stand 3rd in the list are Cloud-based tabs, Cloud Push, cloud download, private browsing, reader mode, add-ons, a good download manager and Powerful personalization. It is a must try browser for each Android user.

So above 5 are best web browsers for Android in 2021, Share with us via comment!