How To Optimize Your Website for Voice Search In Google


The figures related to mobile device users for the coming year are going to blow your mind. According to Statista, the number of mobile device users will reach nearly 4.68 billion by 2021. This is something interesting, isn’t it?

The voice assistants like Siri for Apple users, Cortana by Microsoft for PC and mobile devices using their application, and Google Home for Android devices are relatively popular. Instead of typing the texts on Google Search Engine users carries out voice search for immediate results.

Another study by Statista reveals that the mobile website traffic for the second quarter of the year 2021 is 51.89% at the global level.

Seven Incredible Tips to Speed Up for Voice Search Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization experts have to think in a distinct way for optimizing the websites from the user’s perspective. A newer world of distinct ideologies is awakening and SEO professional’s needs to think differently. Here are some seven excellent tips to plan optimization keeping in mind the Voice Search.

  1. Focus on the Voice Search Keywords and Phrases

People tend to ask long questions while carrying out voice search. It is different from the usual keyword searches that users perform daily. The tone of the searches through the voice assistant is natural as compared to typical phrases. This search is locally focused since people can find the restaurants, pubs, hotels, shopping malls, etc. near their present place.

The local business houses need to carry out local voice search so that they can reach out to their target audiences. It is seen that more than 22% of the users are looking forward to local content. If you are a local business house who wants local SEO, then you can reach out to experts providing SEO services Sydney.

  1. Mobile First, Google Optimized Search

The mobile device users’ count reaching to billions by next year has made the SEO professionals take voice search seriously. It is becoming mandatory to do voice search optimization for your website. The Zenith Media states that the mobile internet usage on the global level will be 79% by 2021.

Google started the “mobile-first indexing” that is going to keep mobile responsiveness and usage before the desktop use. Even SEO experts are thinking about the same lines as users to optimize the business websites. They are now searching for the keywords that users use more through the analytics report. The Voice Search is convenient and hands-free, that makes the users opt for it.

  1. Look for Answers in FAQ Section

Are you familiar with the questions asked by your audiences? If not, go ahead and start your search right away.

The business houses can take the premier SEO services for creating the best FAQ section. The SEO experts need to think from the customer’s viewpoint to create the queries that are frequently asked.

Example: If you are a fashion designer, then questions will be asked related to choosing fabric in a particular season. It can be related to which accessories to match with the specific outfit and so on.

The search engine optimization specialist can frame long-tail keyword related questions that the company’s site will answer. The keywords are less common and more specific so during voice search the users can get short yet informative replies. Always remember to frame the questions in the first person.

  1. Sleeves Up, Create “Google My Business Listing”

The Voice Search Optimization for the businesses has witnessed many local stores making a good amount of profit.

The analytics by BrightLocal states that nearly 75% of the customers will visit your website after seeing your local store on GMB listings.

So, why not gear up to provide complete knowledge about your local business to the consumers. The SEO Services in Sydney from experts can help the local businesses to register themselves on the “Google My Business Listing” and revamp their website. Businesses can share the information about their GMB insight into the footer of their official website.

Voice Search is becoming popular, so users can simply put up the question in Google Search or Siri to find the local stores near to their specific location. The business houses must share the following:

  • Name
  • Address with pin code
  • Phone number
  • Quality images or videos
  • A brief description of your business
  • Opting for the right category for your business like if you sell cakes then your business will show under category “Bakers”
  • Optimizing your Business Listing with Local SEO
  • Location of your store on the Google Maps
  1. Optimize Your Web Page for Speed

The Backlinko study represents that the Voice Search enabled web page loads 52% faster in comparison to the average web page. It takes nearly 4.6 seconds. Incredible, isn’t it?

Most of the experts believe that website loading speed might not affect the SEO strategy for the Voice Search Optimization. However, it can be seen if your site is optimized for the loading time, it will definitely appear in top searches in Google.

The faster loading speed can enhance the website appearance on the top of the SERP. The experts are still experimenting with the Voice Search results. If the web page is optimized for the speed and renders excellent user-experience, then it is sure to appear on the first page of Google.

  1. Get Ready for Structured Data

Structured Data or schema markup helps the Google to know about the content of the particular web page. There are approximately 500 structured data available for many categories.

The Schema or Structured Data Markup is a form of Microdata, which is added to the website page to create the rich snippets. The top-notch Search Engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo collaborated with Schema.org way back in the year 2011.

The SEO experts need to optimize their client’s websites for Voice Search as the regular searches provide maximum results. The Voice Search Optimization returns the best results only. The use of Structured Data for Voice Search Optimization supports the specialist to take control of their web page. If the information is represented in the more structured way, then the situation occurs where Google is going to show your website amongst the top searches.

  1. Be Smart while Dealing with Voice SEO

Voice SEO is still in its infancy so search engine optimization experts do not have to rush. It is not similar to regular searches where people find their answers by typing 3-4 keywords.

In Voice Search, people use long questions that make the businesses to prepare their content or blogs in the specific way only. If your content answers all the queries of the users properly, then Google will rank your website well.

The SEO specialists must prepare themselves well for optimizing the audio contents for the voice assistants. They should be ready to carry out modification, adjust their strategies, and make the required changes in their content whenever necessary.


Finally, the era of Voice Search is already half a way that means the SEO specialists need to keep an eye on the changing trends. It is growing at a fast pace so optimizing your content for voice search becomes necessary. The future of the Voice Search is blooming since billion of mobile device users need answers to their queries instantly.