20+ Best CouchTuner Alternatives Sites to Watch Series Online in 2021

Couch Tuner

Couchtuner is a TV series website this website was launched in the year of 2010 and it provides unlimited TV series for free you just have to open the Couch Tuner website and start streaming.

The homepage of the couch tuner contains different menus like “New Releases Shows”, TV Listing and there is a search option you can search your favorite TV serial.

The best part of the couch tuner is that it does not redirect you to another website for streaming and you don’t have to register yourself.

There are many sites to stream online movies and channels to watch TV Series but couch tuner is one of the best. Now if you are looking for the best alternative websites of Couch Tuner then read the complete article.

How Does CouchTuner Works?

There are too many streaming websites that provide you the best TV series and HD online movies but most websites need your account and your some personal information, but on the other side you all know about the couch tuner that this is also a streaming website. The best part of this website is that you don’t need to create your account to access this website for watching movies and TV series.

This streaming website works both on the laptop and mobile phones. Couchtuner provides you a service of watching your favorite TV shows and movies even if you are out of the home. With the help of this website, you can watch news, movies, reality shows and many more.

How To Use CouchTuner?

Stream TV by searching for your favorite TV series you are looking for, if you use Windows PC or laptop you can use “Ctrl + F” and type the title you are looking for or you can simply click on the letter that starts the title you are looking for.

Different users create an account on other applications to watch their favorite TV series or online HD movies but the thing is that do you know about the couch tuner? This is the best streaming website. Nowadays every person using this website to watch their favorite HD online movies.

If you do not know about this streaming website then you are in the correct place In this article I will explain all things about couch tuner so read all the information about couch tuner that is given below.

Features Of Couch Tuner:

As we mentioned above that couch tuner is the website that provides all TV series, movies, news, music and many more but remembers one thing that all are pirated and couch tuner is not a legal website.

This website does not provide you the downloading facility because it breaks all the laws and uses others content because of this illegal activity you can only watch online your favorite movies and drama series.

The best and major feature of this website is that it provides you a large collection of HD TV series and HD movies you can watch your every favorite program on the couch tuner. According to your mental demand couch tuner provide you the different categories where you can select your category and watch TV series.

Is CouchTuner Safe Or Not?

Now the important thing is your security. Think about the Couch tuner that it is safe for you or not because the CouchTuner provides you the pirated material and this website uses the third party material, links, and advertisements.

Clicking on the third-party website’s links that are present on the CouchTuner it ruins your security. Your one click on this malware add of third party website, the malware can be a digital theft and you can get digital damage.

For example, if you are using this website named as CouchTuner in your device where you have also saved your personal and business information then malware says you to register yourself for the new update and now a click on malware can give you a big loss.

Review Of CouchTuner:

Couchtuner is very simple and easy in use and it is the best platform to watch your favorite shows and movies in advance. As you all know this website provides you the online movies and upcoming TV shows. But this website is risky because it performs an illegal activity.

If you want some entertainment and want to update in advance then CouchTuner is the best platform for you, go for it. Now the thing is video quality so don’t worry about the quality, It provides you with the best quality videos and it is the best thing to see online videos from the CouchTuner.

Best Alternatives of CouchTuner to Watch Movies Online

Sit back in your chair and prepare popcorn, because we put together a list with 23 web pages where you can watch series online.

While we still use television to stream movies and series, the truth is that most of the content we see now comes from the internet. We said goodbye to the need for thousands of channels, cable or a good open TV signal because streaming has convinced us to be able to see it at any time and anywhere.

25 Couch Tuner Alternatives Sites to Watch Series Online

Here we tell you about five websites where you can watch online series and movies for free, without paying anything. Note that some services are paid and only give the first month of testing free.

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a paid subscription service offered by Amazon that gives users free access to two-day delivery, music and video streaming, and other benefits.

As a Prime member, you can watch thousands of popular movies online series, and TV shows on your TV, computer, tablet or mobile device. You can play online or download to see them without connecting. Its series has managed to get the respect of the public and the specialized critics. IT has won even more Emmy awards than Netflix.

They provide 30 days free trials to watch free series and movies and then you can choose a paid plan of 12.99$ per month.


2. Netflix:

Netflix It is a streaming service that allows you to watch a great variety of series, documentaries, and movies on any device with internet access such as cell phones, computers, tablets or ‘smart tv’.

It arrived globally on September 12, 2011, and immediately became an option for those who had an appetite for consuming audiovisual content on demand.

They also provide 30 days free trials after that you can use the service by paying them. Either if you want to use it free you can get trials on a repeated basis.


3. CNTV:

In September the CNTV launched on its website a platform with more than 120 series and Chilean films that can be seen completely free.

In the list, there are productions applauded as The Eighty (although the first season is missing), The Archives of the Cardinal, The Replacement and a couple of seasons of 31 Minutes.

The best thing is that you do not have to register to see your favorite series, just give it play. In addition, the service is fast, stable and reproduced without any type of advertising.


4. Blim:

Blim is an on-demand video subscription service, offered online via Televisa S.A. de C.V, through an Internet connection, which offers access to programs strictly for personal use, in exchange for payment of a monthly subscription fee. They have a tremendous verity of movies, web series and TV shows for their users. You can get a one-month free trial to use their service.

5. Tubeplus


If you are looking to watch HD movies and online series for free, Tubeplus is a good option since it has a catalog of online films that are very varied with some titles included this year.

The best thing about watching movies online on this page is that it also allows you to download movies and watch them at another time when you wish.




Miradetodo is a page to watch free full movies and premiere series 24 hours a day. Created in 2009 has a large repertoire of films and especially current series such as ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Vikings’, is also a website that is under constant review and maintenance.

Even when the page has problems, they are solved immediately. This is on top of the list to Couch Tuner alternative sites for streaming movies and series.


It is an excellent page to watch free online movies of all genres and in all languages. Here you can find from war movies, thrillers, fantasy movies to classic movies like ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Shark’ by the renowned director Steven Spielberg.

The best of all is that they are always updating their catalog with new movies and the last episodes of the most successful series.


If it is about watching free movies and online series, Popcornflix must be one of the best options on the web with very varied content, little publicity and unique quality that stands out for its online series from the most current to some older ones.

We recommend you to subscribe, since that way you can access the wide audiovisual catalog that includes famous titles such as ‘Forrest Gump’, ‘Life is beautiful’, ‘Psycho’ among others.

10. Classiccinemaonline

If you are a fan of classic movies, then Classic Cinema Online is your thing. This portal allows you to watch old online movies that marked a milestone of famous actors such as John Wayne, Clint Eatswood, Marlon Brandon and others.

In addition, you can also see collection series, which are also classified into categories such as Action, Crime, Adventure, Military and many more. What online movies see here? Some recommendations are Dracula (1931), The Monster of the Black Lagoon (1954), 20,000 leagues of submarine travel (1955).


11. Popcorn Time:

Popcorn time is another veteran page that prides itself on how they are called the Netflix competition. It is a very complete web also has a mobile app also to Watch Series Online series and movies there where you are.


12. Snag Films

If you like watching classic movies online or you are an independent film follower, Snalgfim is for you. Launched in Washington DC in 2008 by internet pioneer Ted Leonsis.

This site divides its sections of films and series with names like “Explore the world”, stories of refugees and migrants “,” Famous before being “,” Celebrate pride ”, “Goals” and many more.

What online movies to watch? You can watch classic black and white films like Charles Chaplin’s ‘El Niño’ and other similar titles that won several Oscar awards.

13. Gnula

Gnula is one of the best options in terms of pages to watch online series for free, besides not only you can watch series, but also has a catalog of movies, its catalog is immense, that’s why it turns out to be one of the best options.

14. Legally Free

Legally free is a page where watching movies and Watch Series Online is simple because it offers you a precise and direct catalog.

In addition to the classic categories that every online movie portal offers, on this site, there are three that are not very common. Gore, Surrealism, and Eroticism, so do not expect to find Marvel or Disney films, as it offers more classic films and independent.

15. Claro Video Básico

The OTT operator Claro Video (America Móvil) introduced a new free service called Claro Video Básico, which gives streaming access to 500 titles. It is available on Claro Video’s website in all Latin American markets where it operates.

Currently, Claro Video made a pretty smart move by joining with FOX, and all its channels and packages will be part of this platform. So if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead or Run Coyote Run, you can go for this option.

16. Pelispedia

It is a very good page it is more or less like an encyclopedia of movies and not only that you can also find series, music videos, etc. The design is good and intuitive the drawback is that most of the content is in the original language that you can use the subtitles.

17. Crackle

After a long time announcing his arrival, this video service on-demand from Sony Pictures is finally available in Mexico. As an exclusive product, CRACKLE has for Latin America the Preacher series, based on the Vertigo comic and produced by comedian Seth Rogen.

In addition, Crackle also produces original content like the series The art of more, about an art auction house in New York, or the animated adult series Super Mansion, which tells the story of a group of unsung talented superheroes. Finally, the program based on the film Snatch, by Guy Ritchie, will have its world premiere on this platform.

The bad: right now you can only enjoy it if you subscribe to the Pay TV system Total Play.

18. Ondamedia:

In June 2021 Ondamedia debuted, a platform implemented by the Council of Culture, which has a catalog with more than 100 series, films and documentaries made in Chile.

It’s completely free, and to access its content you just have to register. The Nana, Bad Board, Tony Manero, The Club, Glory and are not just some of the titles that are available.

19. HBO GO

It has been around for years, but it can finally be used without having a pay television package. For $ 149 pesos a month you can enjoy its catalog with more than 2500 movies and series with just one click. From the classic, The Sopranos to the premieres like Insecure will be available in this app.

The most fantastic thing is that, for example, on the day of the seventh season of Game of Thrones (July 16) on HBO by some pay television, five minutes later you can see it on HBO GO with the highest quality and selecting if you want it with or without subtitles.

The bad: This service can only be enjoyed on web platforms, smartphones or Android tablets in the USA, because OTTS (Over the Top) do not include this app yet, so to see it on your TV you have to make a “mirror” from your mobile device.

20. Hulu:

Of all the streaming services currently operating on the network, Hulu is perhaps the least known of all. But that is not so popular and massive, it does not mean it is a bad platform. In fact, in its catalog there are highly acclaimed series like The Handmaid’s Tale – which is an original production of Hulu -, Seinfeld, One More Show, 30 Rock, Fargo, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Twin Peaks, Rick and Morty, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and South Park, just to name a few.

The subscription is paid (has different plans, from $ 5.99 per month), but you can get a free trial month on this link. Remember that if you do not want to pay once the free month ends, you must cancel the subscription before the first payment date.

21. is a simple page where finding movies online is very easy since its interface allows you to surf quickly and intuitively until you find the movie you want or your favorite series.

It is also good to highlight the sharpness and speed of loading the page, and its wide audiovisual catalog with all kinds of genres, TV series, documentaries, anime’s, and even cartoons.

22. White Series

White Series is another website for watching online series that may not have the best design or be the best but it is true that the quality of their videos is very good and you can find series here in many languages.


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