7 Actionable Tips to Index Blog Posts Faster in Google Search

Tips to Index Blog Posts Faster
Tips to Index Blog Posts Faster

Every newbie blogger facing a common issue, search engines are not indexing their latest blog posts or new content faster. And they are curious to know how their competitors or fellow bloggers websites or blog posts are getting indexed instantly. So, today I’m going share some tips to index your blog posts faster in search engines and a killer trick to index your new post almost instantly in Google.

Site crawling or indexing is complicated task which is done by search engines bots (web spiders/crawlers) to collect information from web pages available on internet. Indexing of your content in search engines is very important to engage with more visitors. There are many ways to increase the crawl rate and speed of indexing of your blog. Before I tell you those ways, first you should know the reasons behind slow indexing of your website.

Why Search Engines are not indexing Your Website/Blog fast:

  • Your website has less authority then other old websites.
  • You are posting copied content from other websites.
  • Your website contains some viruses or malware.
  • Lack of quality content.
  • Lack of social signals.
  • Google robots are blocked by using robots.txt or .htaccess files.
  • Your website have crawl errors.
  • No index or no follow tag in meta data of specific post.
  • Your website got penalized by Google and other search engines.
  • Your website have lots of down times.

Follow the below 7 Working Tips to Index Your Blog Posts Faster in Search Engines

1. Update Your Blog With Fresh Content Regularly

Content is the heart of every website. If you don’t update your website with latest content then it will die soon. Google and other search engines love quality and updated content. The content rephrase tool free is safe for SEO add value to the content and search engines never index lower quality and outdated content. So, try to publish at least 1-2 quality posts with good length daily especially if your website is just 2-3 week old.

Crawl rate of static websites are comparatively less than dynamic websites. That’s the reason mostly static websites like hosting providers are adding blog and forums on their websites to increase their website crawl rate. Don’t copy content of other websites, do proper keyword research and write your own quality content. Hence, publishing new updated content is a good habit to index your blog posts faster in search engines.

2. Create Sitemap for Your website

According to Wikipedia, A Sitemap is a list of web pages of website accessible to crawlers and its users. Generally, most of the search engines crawlers use sitemap to index any website links. So, Sitemaps are very important for every website to index its posts or links in well structured way. In WordPress you can easily create a sitemap for your website using Google XML Sitemaps Plugin or you can also create sitemap using Yoast SEO plugin. After creating a sitemap, submit it to webmaster tools of search engines. By submitting a sitemap you are inviting search engines to index your blog faster.

3. Use Ping Services to Ping Your Latest Content or Posts

Ping Services works like a door bell, when someone press or ping doorbell, it is signal to house owner that there is a guest outside the door. In same way, ping services lets bots know that you website content is updated. In other words, by pinging your new posts, your are directing crawlers or bots to index new content of your website.

There is many manual ping services available like Pingomatic, Google Ping and WordPress also automatically ping your website when you publish new post. You just need to update your website ping list with more ping services. You can update ping services list from WordPress dashboard. Just go to dashboard>>Settings>>Writing. There you will see a blank field to put list of ping services. Here is list of some major ping services:

4. Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other sites pointing to your website. Backlinks plays very important role in ranking of your posts in search engines. It also helps in indexing your blog posts faster in search engines. But remember one thing while building backlinks, quality matters not quantity and dofollow backlinks are more powerful then nofollow.

So, build only quality backlinks from higher authority websites using guest posting service. One of the easy way to get quaility backlinks is by submitting your website online directories like technoarti and DMoz (DMOZ is no more).

If you find hard to search and build quality links, you can hire SEO Agency Dubai.

5. Sharing Your Content on Social Bookmarking Websites:

I think I don’t need to tell that what social networking websites are. Google and search engines quickly indexes content posted on social networking websites. Good social signals can help you to increase your website crawl rate or indexing speed.

There is mainly two benefits of social sharing, one is it increase your website traffic and another is it will help you to boost up your website crawal rate. So, whenever you publish a post on your website, don’t forget to share it on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

6. Commenting on other Related Blogs to your Niche:

You should start posting quality comments on popular higher authority blogs especially on CommentLuv enabled blogs and don’t forget to include your blog link while commenting. Blog commenting will never die because this not only provides backlinks from those blogs, it also drives traffic to your website. If the attribution in comments section of those blogs is set to Dofollow then the search engine crawlers will also index your blog link while indexing that blog. So, it helps in indexing your blog or website faster.

7. Interlink your Old Blog Posts:

Interlinking is good for search engine optimization and it also helps search engine bots or crawlers to crawl deep pages of your websites. Search engine always follows and index dofollow links while indexing a website. When search engine bots crawl your new posts, they also follow and index your interlinked old posts. So, it’s clear that interlinking of posts can increase your blog crawl rate and indexing speed. You can use SEO Smart Links WordPress plugin to automatically link your old posts.

A Trick to Index Blog Posts Instantly in Google Search Engine (in less then one minute)

If you want to index your post almost instantly then this method is work for you. Google doesn’t give guarantee that all submitted using below methods will be indexed. Anyways, for my website below methods are working perfectly. So, you should try on your websites also.

Method 1: Using Google Submit URL

It’s very simple method, just go to the Google webmaster submit URL page and paste your blog post link URL in blank field box. Then complete the human verification challenge and click on “Submit Request” button. That’s it, wait for 1 minute and put your link in Google search bar to check is it indexed or not.

Method 2: Google Webmaster Tools – Fetch as Google

This is another simple method to index your website instantly in Google search engine. You can also crawl interlinked links to specific post using this method. Here is a step to index website in Google using Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Go to Google webmaster tools and login using your Google account details.
  • Once login, you need to submit your website there and verify ownership.
  • After adding website in google webmaster tools go to search console dashboard of your website.
  • Then go to Crawl>>Fetch as Google.
  • After that put your post permalink excluding the homepage url in the blank field there and click on “fetch” button.
  • Now you would see a pop up box where you need to choose the submit method. Choose “Crawl only this Url” if you want to index only entered permalink or select “Crawl this URL and its direct links” if you want to index its interlinked links also. After selecting one option click on Go button.
  • Now Google is ready to index your URL. Just click on submit to index button.
  • After clicking “submit to index” button wait for few seconds. That’s it now your post is indexed in Google search.

I hope the above seo magnifier tips help you to index your blog posts faster in search engines. I recommend you to follow above instant indexing methods if your website is just 2-3 weeks old. Once, your website becomes old and enough content is posted, Google will automatically start indexing your website faster. If you are facing any issue while applying above mentioned methods then post it using comments box, I’m always here to help you.