What is Tor and Should You Use It?


Internet users have been always looking to ways to protect their online data since ages. Web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and more have provided their users of a private browsing mode where users can access the internet without the browsers saving any of their online viewing history. However, this feature doesn’t stop websites from tracking your moves online.

This was the main reason with which a special web browser was developed and it was named as the Tor Browser.

What is Tor?

The Tor browser is specially designed software which helps to provide you with an extra layer of security and privacy to your web activities especially while you are accessing deep web links or tor links. It is a global network of remote servers which helps to route your internet traffic through different relay nodes to ensure your privacy at all times.

A number of online maintainers and volunteers contribute in keeping the Tor network alive by setting up relays at their ends all over the world. When you connect your browser to the Tor network, all your online data is routed through a random IP Address on any one of these remote servers. Therefore, if anyone is trying to track your online history, they would only come across this random IP Address rather than your original one.

How is Tor Browser useful?

The basic usefulness of the Tor Browser is for users who want to remain anonymous on the web. Although the browser is far from being perfect,

Tor provides the normal user with more than enough anonymity on the internet. Besides providing an extra layer of privacy, you can use the tor to get around censorship restrictions in your geographical area or websites and ISPs trying to track your online activities.

Also, you can use the Tor Browser and the whole network to host multiple web sites with the help of its hidden services. Since these websites are not indexed by other web browsers, they can only be accessed by other Tor users.

The biggest and most famous such website prevalent on the web today is The Silk Road which is notoriously famous for trafficking of drugs.

Does Tor have any limitations?

Tor is a very handy tool to keep you anonymous on the internet if you are just a casual browser. However, the more deeply you try to dwell on the web; you will realize that this layer of anonymity is not foolproof. It is very difficult to hack into the Tor network but the Tor browser is penetrable. This is why you need to exercise caution while using the Tor browser and see to it that you are not taking part in any illegal activity.

Should you use Tor browser or not?

If you are looking to browse regular websites, then you do not need the Tor Browser as it will only slow your connection down.

For users looking to download large files such as Torrents, they would need a VPN more than a Tor Browser as they would require encrypting their data.

However, if you are looking to access the deep web sites or onion sites, then you would need to have Tor Browser running on your device. If you are looking any more info about deep web or Tor Browser then you can visit https://www.thedarkweblinks.com/blog/.