How to Remove Shortcut Virus From PC/Laptop/USB/Hard Disk

Shortcut virus is the most dangerous virus on the computer which damages the file badly. Are you irritated with shortcut virus which damages your drives and files badly.? You don’t need to worry about this because you can remove shortcut virus permanently from the computer. Now a day the Issue of Shortcut Viruses in Flash Drives […]

How To Hide Phone Number on Facebook

Facebook is almost world’s largest social networks, with over a billion of people, are using it. The privacy policy of Facebook is not too much maintained. If a curious person or a  stalker wants to tease you, then he can easily do it by finding your contact number from your Facebook profile and then he […]

How To Hide Hard Drive In Computer Without Using Software

Sometimes you have some personal data on your hard drive and you don’t want to anyone to this, and it becomes necessary for you to hide it. Do you want to hide hard drive from your computer, so that no one can approach it? Today I’m gonna show you how to hide your drive without […]


How to Find Public and Private IP Address of Computer

It is not very difficult to know about the IP address of the computer. Before we tell you the procedure, let’s have a little introduction to IP address. IP Address of the Computer. An IP address is an interesting product of modern computer technology i.e. designed to allow one computer to communicate with another computer […]


How to Ensure Your Security while Using Public Wi-Fi

Private owned businesses, health service centers, airports, libraries, schools, and many other places are beginning to offer free wi-fi service in their respective locations. For business owners like Starbucks and many others, getting customers requires more than just offering good coffee. It is also about giving incentives which is why more business, as  shown here, […]


How to Get Improvement in Dissertation Writing

The disorder is the most important process of any degree. It includes depth research and eligibility. Many students once again know they have to write and submit their own dissertations. Written writing may be a difficult process, but it is never impossible. Here are some tips that can help you improve your dissertation. Once you […]


How to optimize your Instagram content for more visibility?

As everybody knows probably, the pathway to success on Instagram doesn’t pause at making good content – you need of optimizing it as per the rules of Instagram. Here are 5 methods that can be used for optimizing the Instagram content for getting it insight into more people. 1.   Optimize the Instagram Profile One method […]

How to Create Quality Instagram Content to Engage Followers?

While using for growing the business, it is important to create an audience which is loyal and engaged with the brand. However, how to make sure that these followers will engage with the posts and help in growing the business on the Instagram? Answer lies in two words: quality content. If you haven’t any time […]

What is the Windows 10 Taskbar And How To Use It

Wanna know what the task manager is on your Windows 10 computer? Well, in this guide we are going to cover everything under the sun on what is the task manager in your Windows 10 computer and how you can use it to troubleshoot errors. What is the task manager The task manager was initially […]