What are the Many Facets of Software Development Services?

The big names like Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, Adobe, etc. are the leaders in the software development industry that drive businesses across the world. Software development is a fast-growing field, and the multi-billion-dollar industry produces vast employment opportunities for computer professionals. Independent professionals, as well as thousands of smaller companies like Big Drop Inc.com, are developing […]


Easy and Useful Tricks to Fax from Google Drive

Nowadays, it is possible to send faxes without a fax machine. You will need an online service to fax with Google Drive. Remember, Google Drive is a popular cloud-based storage service to store your documents. It is renowned among enterprises, businesses, and individuals. To meet their file collaboration, sharing, and storage needs. No doubt, several […]


5 Top Point of Sale (POS) System for Restaurant

It is never easy to manage a restaurant. You need to take the order of your customer, serve them food they have ordered, manage your cook and staffs and take the payment of the food that customers have ordered. So, you certainly need some system for making things organized and also on track. That is […]


The Future of Artificial Intelligence in UX Design

User experience will become the key brand differentiator in 2021, as it will overcome the product and the price. Companies that want to grow have to provide superb customer experience and wow their customers. But, there are several factors that contribute to exceptional user experience and one of them is surely UX design. Namely, consumers […]


7 Tips For Choosing The Best ERP Software For Your Business

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process where a company, most often a manufacturer, is in charge of managing and integrating the core parts of its business. Such parts would typically include purchasing, inventory, finance, marketing, human resource, planning, and sales. ERP software selection starts with measuring the commitment, capabilities, and capacity of your organization. […]