Easy Hacks for Making the Life of Your DVD Discs Eternal

DVD Discs Eternal

If you are a businessman, photographer, an engineer or just a tech guy, chances are high that you have a long list of documents and files that you want to store for eternity. These documents and files may include blueprints, photos of your newborn, and your first pet or even very important and crucial legal documents. Sadly the storage industry isn’t so advanced that the newest and the most technologically advanced latest market release will offer you this option.

But don’t lose hope, the solution to your wish lies just around the corner in your local stationery shop. You guessed it right, I am talking about CDs, DVDs and Blue Ray discs. In today’s’ article, we will talk about a couple of easy hacks to Easy hacks for making the life of your DVD discs eternal. So without wasting more time, let’s start

1 Don’t fill the optical drive up to the brim

Many of us make this common mistake of burning our DVDs to its optimal capacity. For example, if the total capacity of the drive is 5 GB, we burn it until it reaches 4.9. To the untrained eye, it might feel like optimal usage of the space available, but the sad part is this puts your DVD at the risk of disc rot. In layman terms, disc rot is the process in which due to oxidation the metallic reflective layer of the optical drive starts getting oxidised and the data stored in the same gets lost. Therefore it is always a bad idea to burn your optical drive up to the brim.

2 Store in optimal temperature and humidity

Humidity and temperature play a very important role when it comes to optical media. Experts always advise that the optical media should be stored at a dark, temperature controlled room. Ideally, keep your precious DVDs in a place where it is dark, and the temperature fluctuation is minimum.

Humidity also plays one of the major role in the life expectancy of your optical drives. A small addition of silica gel packets to absorb the extra moisture is a great way to increase the longevity of your drives.

3 Protect from the sun

One of the worst enemies of an optical drive is their reaction to UV light. Most people store their discs in transparent sleeves and hang their precious data to dry. This is a very bad idea.

Ideally, you should put your disc in high-quality sleeves and put them in cold dark places for maximum protection.

4 Beware of gravity

A lot of people prefer using stands and disk racks for storing their optical media. Although it saves a lot of space and is quicker to arrange gravity is the enemy here. Keeping disks one on top of the other will increase their susceptibility to get deformed due to gravity in the longer run.

If you have to use disc rakes or shelves in order to save space be quicker, use a small and compact 10 disk stand. The best way to protect them for the long run is to put them in individual, airtight jewel cases. You must not forget this point at the time of keeping your DVD discs next time.

5 Bonus

The fact that the burning software should be extremely efficient and well manufactured can’t be missed so that the disk doesn’t get damaged during the burning process itself.

Manufactures from around the world who specialize in optical media such as DVDs, CDs and Blu-Ray guarantee anywhere between 30 to 100 years of lifespan. But you can’t expect them to last for so long if you don’t follow the tips and hacks mentioned above. Considering all the above points, it is much safer to be on the side of errors and mistakes happening. By clicking, you can download VOB software here, and it will become very easy for you to manage and store all your precious data.

Experts time and again suggest to have multiple copies and backup of your data. You can use blank media from different brands to do so and religiously take backup of your precious data every 5 years. Two of the backups should always be with you, whereas one you can keep at an offshore fireproof bank locker.