8 Hidden Windows 10 Hacks To Make your life easier

Hidden Windows Hacks
Hidden Windows Hacks

The latest operating system for windows- Windows 10 has been released, and it is the best and professional yet easy to use the operating system. Most of the users have already upgraded to Windows 10 as Microsoft is providing the free upgrading without any problem.

This new operating system is loved by all who use it but still, there are so many features that are unused by most users. In this article, I am going to talk about such 8 hidden windows 10 tips and tricks that will make your life easier and you don’t have to be an expert to understand or explore them.

Here check these 10 hacks out:

  1. Turning off live tiles

Live tiles are no problem but we can live without them, so here are two simple hacks to get rid of them:

  • Go to start and choose the tile you want to change by right-clicking it.
  • Choose the unpin from start option to remove it completely.
  • Go to More> turn live tiles off to permanently stop it from updating.
  1. Choose the browser you want

Microsoft has a default browser the cool Edge browser, and it makes us use that. But if you don’t want to use that, you can simply go to the settings and select the one you like. Usually, after installing a new browser, it prompts to use that as a default one but if that doesn’t happen you can:

  • Go to start and then choose settings>system>default apps.
  • After that select web browser and select the one, you want to use.
  1. Find the forgotten file

Many times it happens that you forget the name of an important file or misplace a PowerPoint deck; Windows 10 has a quick and easy solution for this.

On the search bar type the extension of the file, and it will give you all the files in a relevant order and sort the file according to the word, excel and PowerPoint etc.

  1. Simplifying the command prompt

It was a hassle to use command prompt as everything had to be typed from the directory names to the complex command we come across the internet every day. But the Windows 10 command prompt is simpler in context, that it allows text to copied and pasted. This will make the life of many users easier.

  1. Snap Assist

If you want to organize your open windows screen especially if you are dealing with more than one screen, use this amazing feature of snap assist. Just drag the open window by its title bar to the right or left corner of the screen and snap it there, do this for another screen; the rest of the screen will fit into the remaining space. They will appear as small tiles but are of great help especially to a professional.

  1. The feature of device finding

If you travel with your laptop often, you must be afraid of losing it. Thus, the feature of Windows 10 that helps you track your laptop if you lose it is beneficial for you. Just turn the find my device option on, you can do this by:

  • Go to start and select settings and then click on update and security.
  • There choose the find my device option and turn it on.
  1. Battery saver

This is an amazing feature that lets you save your battery. By clicking the battery saver to enable or disable the power saver option from the battery icon on the taskbar. You can also customize this by:

  • Going to start>settings>system>battery.
  • This will let you select the time and scenario for the battery saver to turn on and also adjusts the brightness of the screen.
  1. Get the insight into app space

This app lets you know how many drives are there on the laptop and how much video, photos etc. are taking up space in detail. To make use of this app go to Settings>system>storage, there you will find a list of drives on the PC, now choose the drive you want the detail of and then you can see how much space all the photos and videos and other apps are taking up. You can select the subcategory and find out more details.

These are some of the amazing hacks of Windows 10 that are hidden for some and unused by some. But if you find these helpful, then try them and let us know.