Why You Should And How You Can Get An SEO Press Release Service

SEO Press Release
SEO Press Release

Just like anything in Search  Engine Optimization , optimizing your online press releases can get complicated. Optimization standards are continually changing to adapt to social media, mobile behavior, and search engine algorithm’s constant updates and evolution.

This is why it’s critical to stay on top and use only the most current and effective SEO Strategies on the market. But as a business owner, you might already have a lot on your plate.

From making sure your business is running smoothly to all the other things you need to focus on, managing your public relations and digital marketing campaigns can be too much work.

The good news is, you can hire the services of professional and experienced digital marketers to do all of these complicated things for you. And before you scream “expensive,” just think about the fantastic benefits your business can get from the onslaught of online traffic. These days, the key to your business’ survival is getting as much exposure as you can. And online is where you want to be seen.

SEO And Press Release

If you look at these two things separately, they wouldn’t seem to go hand-in-hand together. On the one hand, the art of Press Release has been around since the early 21st century. It has been a vital part of businesses’ public relations campaigns for more than 100 years.

Search Engine Optimization, meanwhile, is a relatively new game-changer in marketing. Since the conception of the internet and search engines, SEO is now the most effective marketing strategy in the world. So how does the two come together? Let’s look at the basics.

What is a Press Release?

Simply put, a press release is a piece of written information that contains news of a significant event involving a business or an organization. These press releases can be about a bunch of newsworthy topics including, but not limited to new products and services, store launches, award receptions, or any kind of news that would be useful to potential customers.

However, don’t confuse a press release for an advertisement. Press releases act more as a promotional tool to communicate relevant stories to a broader audience.

Back in the old days, press releases were distributed through the newswire and to journalists media desks in the hopes that a story will be published about it on the local or national news.

Now, however, thanks to the power of the internet, press releases can be published in many PR distribution platforms, official news websites, and shared all throughout the internet via emails or social media. This new avenue for press release distribution is a game changer because it brings us to…

Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization? In a nutshell, search engine optimization is the collective term for all strategies aimed at making a site more successful in SERPs or Search Engine Page Results. Why? To give you some perspective, Google, for example,1.17 billion people use Google’s search engine.

In fact, according to statistics, there are approximately 3.5 billion searches performed on Google daily. This means that people from all over the world use Google to search for their daily needs, and more often than not, these queries can lead to businesses, which means more sales and profits.

Performing well on search engine page results can mean an onslaught of online traffic to a business’ website. By exposing your site to search engine users, you can significantly increase your pool of potential customers.

Why is SEO important in Press Releases?

Press releases are now distributed all throughout the internet. By optimizing your press release with the best and most current search engine optimization practices, you’re arming it with the capacity to serve as an excellent bullet to amp up your own website’s SEO performance.

Aside from using your press release as syndication to prominent and prestigious news websites, a high-quality press release distribution can have the possibility to appear in the “News Results” tab of Google. If your press release is efficiently keyword-optimized and has well-placed Quality backlinks directed to your site. It can show up on popular user searches and can subsequently amp up your company’s visibility almost instantaneously.

Why should you get an SEO Press Release Service?

SEO can be such a time-consuming and painstaking process. There are so many things to consider in order to create an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign. In fact, for someone who is new to the idea of online marketing, the concept can be downright nerve-shattering.

Instead of taking the considerable time and effort to familiarize yourself with SEO. You can hire someone who has extensive knowledge and experience. By employing a paid SEO Press Release service, you can sit back and reap the benefits of a highly-curated press release campaign made by professionals.

How can you get an SEO Press Release Service?

This is actually the easiest part. Getting a press release service is as easy as using Google and clicking a couple of links on a PR or SAAS Marketing Agency website. However, don’t just settle on hiring the services of anyone.

Picking the right SEO press release service is critical if you want your online press release campaign to work. The authority of distribution sites plays a significant factor in how your press release does on search results.

Ensure that the service you choose employs the guidelines and standards implemented by Google and other search engines. After all, you want your press release to enhance your SEO efforts, not harm them. Hiring the services of the wrong professionals can damage your SEO performance, sometimes irreversibly.

In short, hire someone who follows Google’s best practices guidelines. Here’s what a legitimate SEO Press Release service SHOULD look like:

  • It should use no-follow links anFd redirect tags to direct users to relevant source content and not duplicate content.
  • Your press release should be built and hosted using a responsive web or mobile design.
  • Press release content should be structured using HTML5 and NewsML. So that it captures and defines content from text to videos. And photos so Google can understand their significance to the overall story.

Other Things To Consider

The most important thing to consider when hiring an SEO press release service is quality. Like everything else related in Search Engine Optimization, quality and relevance are essential in each and every tactic and familiar with SEO Ranking Factors. In the end, a distinguished press release service has a higher chance of enhancing your news copy’s performance by using the latest best search engine practices. Nevertheless, here are some other things worthy of taking note:

  • Does the service provider incorporate images, infographics, or videos as a means to increase engagement?
  • Do they incorporate multimedia and push your news copy with it to news organizations as a means of boosting earned media hits?
  • Does the service provider promote your press release by sharing it to social media networks, as an effective method to encourage word-of-mouth sharing?
  • Do they provide extensive press release editing services by professional human editors to ensure the quality of your press release content?
  • Do they provide analytics to measure your press release’s progress and effectivity throughout your distribution campaign?
  • And finally, do search engines, especially Google, recognize this news-wire service provider as a trusted news source?

The Takeaway

Press release distribution is a tried-and-true method of effectively improving any business’ exposure. Even in this fast-paced world of digital media, it remains a significant part of many businesses’ marketing makeup. And by being equipped with the right SEO tools, your press releases can be even more effective. Why not elevate this potential for exposure by getting an SEO press release service as well?